Mahoka’s Wrong Turn Moment: Questions Asked About Her Mental Health


Sarah Mahoka Secretary for Finance in ZANU PF Womens League and MP for Hurungwe East made one of the biggest political errors of judgment.  It is believed that she uttered words that amounted to threatening Vice President Emmerson Munangagwa with death unless he orders people alleged to be speaking on his behalf or using his name to stop doing so.

An Idiot With A Whistle?
An Idiot With A Whistle?

This outburst comes at a time when those in the so called G40 are feeling the pressure and appear to be on the receiving end as the so called Munangagwa faction is piling up the pressure on the key figures of the G40 faction.

One of the obvious but deadly mistakes is that Mahoka crossed the red line by speaking to the Vice President in a way that showed utter disrespect for the office that he holds both in the party and in government.  For someone of her level in the party , it is very interesting to find out how she was able to make such a statement when she is not the official spoke person for the Women’s League?

It must be noted that when Mrs Nhari of the Manicaland Province uttered an acceptable slogan that was not even directed to a specific individual, her comments were met with such ruthlessness she was even suspended from office. In this case, we have a woman who although very basic but she holds a powerful position and as such should have known that she cannot say such things about the Vice President and expect things to remain normal.

The statement is unprecedented and irresponsible to the extreme and can only be made by a person who is a stranger to party protocol, disrespectful of authority and dangerously ignorant. It is important not to take the freedom that the party extends to its members for granted. Discipline, order and respect for elders and authority in the party is the only way one can be sure that the beliefs and values of the party can be preserved for generations to come.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the liberation struggle if all the comrades had behaved the way the likes of Mahoka are doing? I an Smith or his representatives would have never been defeated. If we allow disorder to prevail, ZANU PF will never be the same again. The party has come this far because its membership has always recognized the need to defer to its leadership and Sarah Mahoka must realize that even the devil was once God’s favourite Angel but because of misguided ambitions and indiscipline he was thrown out.

This is not necessarily about Vice President  Munangagwa but about bad behavior that must never be encouraged now or at any other time in future. When a person makes a statement that makes one feel that they are targeted with death the police must act swiftly in order to discourage such reckless statements and inordinate behavior. Mahoka must not over play her importance because many have done so and found out the hard way that borrowed power does not last.

ZANU PF is a democratic party and allows for robust internal debate but members must not use the privilege to abuse their leaders. Sarah Mahoka you fired the first salvo but be sure that you can stay the course. There is no point in starting a problem when you have no capacity to solve it.


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