Music Sensation Trevor Dongo In Nasty Divorce After Just 9 Months Of Marriage


Urban grooves sensation Trevor Dongo’s marriage to Ashley T Maumbe has sensationally and controversially collapsed less than a year after committing to be life-long partners, amid accusations of serial cheating, violence, intimidation, and risky sexual behaviors.

Trevor Dongo Wife Divorce
In happier times, Trevor Dongo pictured with his wife 9 months ago

Both parties,who got married in mid- May last year,confirmed the split yesterday although Trevor D later sought to suggest that they were still officially married.

“By law and by right,according to customary law I got married to her.It involved a lot of people,relatives and elders.I haven’t seen anyone who has come to officiate anything same as it was officiated that she was my wife, Ndiri munhu akabva kune vanhu….,”said Trevor last night.

Earlier in the day he had confirmed the split by accusing Ashley of doing ‘something NOT expected of a married woman.”

H-Metro spy got wind of the split in Zimre Park neighbourhood where Ashley has since returned to be with her guardians/relatives after walking out of her matrimonial home recently the exact date she quit her marriage could not be ascertained.

It is claimed that the two have been living separately for about three months now.A close source claimed Ashley walked out of their marriage after failing to come to terms with Trevor Dongo’s alleged many girlfriends,a result of his popularity by virtue of being arguably the best artiste in his genre.

Trevor is said to be in a habit of sending love messages to other women as well as bringing them at the matrimonial home.

“They have been keeping their split a secret but the news has now become the talk in their circles.

“She has been staying at her place for the past three months,when she left they were just on separation but now their marriage has officially ended.

“Trevor still wants Ashley but it is now impossible since Ashley doesn’t want him and her relatives no longer want Trevor in Ashley’s life.

The source added that Ashley’s family was willing to refund Trevor his labola money since the marriage barely lasted.

“Trevor used to bring girls at the house claiming that the were his friends until Ashley saw love messages of those women in Trevor’s phone.

“Ashley’s family planned to give Trevor back his money that he paid as lobola,and Ashley’s brother who is said to be based in Namibia is the one who is supposed to raise the money and give it back to him.

In an earlier conversation with H-Metro yesterday afternoon,Trevor denied parting ways with Ashley.

“Those people who are telling you that information are only trying to tarnish us otherwise we are good.

“People will always talk, Zvedu zvina Mwari izvi.They don’t know they are messing with God’s anointed ones.

“We had problems just like any married couple could have and our problems are handled by our families,” said Trevor.

However,Ashley confirmed that she broke up with Trevor but denied claiming that her family was planning on refunding lobola money.

“Well who told you that?None of my relatives would ever tell you that information.”

“Yes we broke up but noone is giving him back anything and I stay in Zimre Park,” she said.

Only in May last year,Trevor was seeing a very long future with Ashley when they got married under customary law.

“I believe that God gave me Ashley for a reason.She understands me more and she completes me.She is that one person who always supports me in everything be it music,business ideas etc.Pandinoneta she gives me strength.She is a God-fearing lady and since we are both christians it didn’t take time for us to bond.She knows how to love me back.”


Though the split appeared amicable, things took a nasty turn after Ashley’s Best Friend, Alma T Mawoyo took to Facebook to reveal gory details about the marriage.

In one post, the former praise singer of the marriage said,

“In Zimbabwe you will get the worst people i tell you. Unoti kuchengetwa, kuchengeterwa vana woti kuhura, nxa mhani, vamwe varume dont deserve you know. Wadaro you go roaming around muyour “so-called” celeb life telling people kuti ndiwe wahurirwa demanding marooro back, WHAT?I will bruise your skinny arse ego my friend once i expose you of all your low life crap.

Hanti you decided kuhura, and she left you gracefully… leaving you and your drama behind, so why are you bitter NIGGA?!

And please people varimuma groups “ehadzi” please best musiye my friend alone. WHAT TYPE OF WOMEN DO WE HAVE IN OUR SOCIETY THAT ARE READY TO BASH ANOTHER WOMAN? CAN’T YÁLL BE SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER?! Hamumbofa makaona umwe murume achitsikirira another but women!!!!!!!! i pity you, i pity who we are towards each other.”

In follow up comments, the friend revealed that the marriage had indeed ended, and accused Trevor of various despicable. Some of the comments are below.

” he has kids that he doesnt expose to the public kuti ahure zvakanaka”

“yes he is such a b**ch . they broke up kare i kept it quiet to preserve his already dead wanna be celeb life and to keep my friend sane but no man this has gone too far he should learn to respect women mhani haashamisire kuda kuita nyaya pasina achiudza vanhu lies.”


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