Man Dies After Jumping Into River With Crocodiles To Avoid Going For HIV Test


MUCHEKE: A local man died in a suspected suicide case after the remains of his partly devoured body were found along the banks of Mucheke river with missing some parts, according to a reports by New Zimbabwe.

crocodile hiv test man
The fear of going for an HIV test drove a Macheke man in Zimbabwe to dive into a pool full of crocodiles.

The man is believed to have thrown himself into the crocodile infested Mucheke River after he was told to go for an HIV test by his father.

43-year-old Nenekedzai Taruwona’s body was found by villagers with missing parts and marks on his face.

According to police, before the incident Taruwona was visited by his father Nzuwamashoko Taruwona, 73, who was trying to settle a dispute between the deceased and his wife, Sekai Taruwona, 39.

Before the father left, he advised Nenekedzai to go for an HIV test.

This did not well with Nenekedzai who left his wife and son Tafara, 28, soon after his father’s departure.

The wife assumed he had probably gone to relieve himself.

But Nenekedzai did return and Sekai alerted other villagers who conducted a search.

His body was found along the river bank with some parts missing.

Cops were called in and an examination concluded that that Nenekedzai was attacked by a crocodile.

Local police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, urged locals not to walk or play near crocodile-infested rivers as they risk being attacked.

“We urge people to solve their problems amicably or resort to counseling from elders in the community,” said Kakohwa.



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