Jonathan Moyo Slapped, G40 Floored, As Chief Justice Heaps Praise Mnangagwa’s Past and Present Credentials


The Zimbabwean Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku has heaped praises on the Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa amidst serious factionalism that is currently devouring the ruling party.

Godfrey Guwa Chidyausiku (born February 23, 1947) is a Zimbabwean judge and former politician.
Godfrey Guwa Chidyausiku (born February 23, 1947) is a Zimbabwean judge and former politician.

Reporting By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

ZANU PF is engaged in serious factional fights pitting the two alleged Mnangagwa and G 40 faction which is being front by younger ministers which include Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwawo.

These fights have seen the minister of Higher and Tertiary and the Minister of War veterans engaging in a nasty verbal fight.

Speaking at the launch of the Judicial Service Commission Anti- Corruption Campaign in Harare on Friday, the chief Justice had to move away from his prepared speech the Chief Justice praised Mnangagwa for escaping the death penalty.

“There is important information that my handlers left out of this speech. I will have to say it” said the Chief Judge.

“I had lunch with Father Ribeiro a Roman Priest last week. He told me how he met young Emmerson in prison waiting to hear his fate on the death row. He then wrote the petition for him to be released on condition he was very young and was not yet a learned lawyer by then” he said.

Chidyausiku went on to reveal how when Father Ribeiro asked the then young Emmerson about whether his plea to have his name removed from the death row had been accepted or not, Emmerson answered as if it was not an issue to have his name on the deadly list.

“If you to confirm that this story is true go and confirm with Father Ribeiro. He is now based at Highfield here in Harare” he said

“You have to be very brave to open the mouth of the crocodile” said the Chief Judge.

Recent ZANU PF factional wars have seen the Presidential Spokesperson Charamba indicating that they would soon deal with those fighting for positions.

The launch of the anti-corruption campaign was attended by the Judicial service Commsion, the Prosecutor General Mr  Machaya, the Commsioner of Prison Paradzai Zimondi, secretary Rita Makarau, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa among other government officials.



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