Investigate Corrupt Millionaires: Chamu Chiwanza, Where Did Your Money Come From?


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Zimbabwe's Youth Are Demanding Answers From The Young And Corrupt Millionaikres
Zimbabwe’s Youth Are Demanding Answers From The Young And Corrupt Millionaires

In the recent past we have seen information that has been published about some rich and young so called business people. Such information does not tell what these so called rich young people do that makes them so much money if the press has to be believed. We have no problem with some of our colleagues making money the only big question is from what because there is no evidence of it on the ground.

No one seems to be working for these rich millionaires except themselves . A majority of them seem to be political well connected something that raises questions about the source of their wealth. There are thousands of us young people who are well qualified and could do something for ourselves except that we lack political connections and we try by all means to do the right things to avoid breaking the law.

As the country’s population is mainly made of young people, we think that government must put a lot of effort on helping us as young people through the current policy of indigenization and economic empowerment. We get worried when those who make the most noise appear to be the major beneficiaries when the majority of the youth are getting promises that are not producing the results that change our lives for the better.

For example, our research shows that Chamu Chiwanza is said to be one of the 50 richest young person. We do not have a problem with that but is it possible that he gets money because he is President of AAG? If that is the case, where is he getting the money from and at what interest rates and from which bank? If the money is from the bank, what security has he given the bank ? As leader of an important organization, he should share this information with us other aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Chamu Chiwanza
AFFIRMATIVE Action Group (AAG) president and Zanu-PF apologist Chamu Chiwanza last Friday boasted at the launch of a book by Patson Dzamara, Forced to Fight, that only ruling party activists get rich in this country.

Our research shows that he has no viable company at the moment. He has worked with a number of people but the companies have not lasted so where does that money come from? At the moment he is a director at a security company known as national eye security but evidence is that the company is owned by a Mr Tapson Madzivire who has not said he is a millionaire.

There are strong rumours that Mr Chiwanza does a few deals with well connected people and recently there is rumour that he played a part on the CFI land deal that gave him a couple of thousands of dollars which is why he bought a house that did some rounds on social media. The deal is said to have involved a high ranking government minister.

So what happens to us young people who are not connected? Can Mr Chiwanza take a lie detector test to deny the information that we have discovered about his recent deal involving the CFI land issue? Can ZIMRA confirm that Mr Chiwanza is a millionaire? If he is, has he paid tax on that money?

There are other young people who have been listed as rich we are keen to check where their money has come from too. There is a young man called Kadungure but we hear he gets his money from LPG Gas. Frank Buyanga gets his from lending, insurance and property but what about those that do not have assets on the ground like Mr Chamu Chiwanza, where is the money coming from? There are many of us who want to work for ourselves but we want a fair system.

Youth for Justice
29 January 2016


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