A New Year’s Message To All Zimbabweans From Joice Mujuru’s People First [UK]


                            People First UK New year’s message

Zimbabwe, 2015 has come and gone. A lot of Zimbabwean families failed to celebrate Christmas because they did not receive their wages. Christmas was just another ordinary day. This is the Zimbabwe our relatives back home are living in.

Our kith and kin have been reduced to mere bystanders in their own lives because of an uncaring autocratic government. A government that will put the budget for the president ahead of government workers for him to go holidaying in the far east.

The president is believed to have spent over 32 million this financial year alone, twice his allocated budget, whilst workers earning a meagre 200 US dollars and their families went without. As a result they failed to put any Christmas goodies on the table.

In the private sector the government has made it impossible for companies to operate. For those that have somehow remained afloat due to God’s good grace find themselves not able to pay their workers in cash, but negotiate vouchers with local supermarkets.

All these are symptoms of a government that has completely failed its people. It is incidents like these and many others that should turn our heads and have us focus on voting this morally bankrupt government out.

2016, comes with it pregnant with people’s expectations. The people of Zimbabwe are tired of wasted lives. They are tired of living a hand to mouth and jobless existence. As I write this message, Zimbabweans in their thousands are busy reorganising themselves into formidable structures that will challenge the status quo.

The People first project is the new game in town.  It is a new political project that will rebuild Zimbabwe, brick by brick. This however will not  happen on a silver platter.

Two days ago President Mugabe’s nephew  Patrick Zhuwao announced that the ZANU PF as the party in government will be reinstating the project of Youth National service. This is a synonymous with the infamous “Green bombers” used in the past to intimidate and violently steal elections. Zimbabwe, we must not allow our children to be used to steal future elections. We must not allow our children to accept murder packaged as employment.

As we usher in the New Year, Zimbabwe iwe neni tine basa. In 2014 we were preparing, in 2015 we were warming up. 2016 we will be acting. People First are the new game in town. Let’s make 2016 the year People First gave Zimbabwe hope again, brick by brick we shall rebuild.

People First UK

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