Mugabe To ‘Die in 5 Days Time’, – Popular Prophet Claims


His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Commander in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President and First Secretary of Zanu PF, Chairman of SADC and African Union Chairman, Robert Gabriel Mugabe will be dead in 5 Days time according to one of Africa’s most popular Prophets.

Almost three years after it was reported that Nigeria’s Prophet TB Joshua had prophesied the death of the then 88 year old Robert Mugabe in Singapore, where it was ‘understood’ by the celebrity preacher, and even backed up by the now defunct local news agency – The Zimbabwe Mail, that Mugabe was ‘fighting for his life’, another celebrity Pastor has made claims to the same effect.

The ‘prophecy / claim’ is a reiteration of an earlier one by the same controversial Malawian Prophet and Man of Cloth, Austin Liabunya during a live service on New Years Eve / New Years day cross over (2014 – 2015).

“President Robert Mugabe is exiting human life in a few days’ time… he will not live past 2015, he will not see 2016…He will be dead by 31 December, 2015” – Prophet Austin Liabunya (31 December 2014 – 01 -01 -15)

The first prophecy came nearly 12 months ago, and as seen in the quote above is strict in stating that Mugabe would not live past 31 December, 2015. With only a little over 5 days remaining till 2015 comes to a close, the celebrity preacher has come out guns blazing again, and reiterated his earlier prophecy.

Speaking to The Southern Daily’s SADC regional correspondent, the self styled prophet did not mince his words.

My God does not lie. Robert mugabe’s time is up. he will be dead in 5 days time. that is what the lord god jesus christ has said.

The claim is likely to renew a massive onslaught against the prophet. In the aftermath of his first sensational claims, Liabunya was ridiculed by scores of people in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and across the entire continent.

In an era of prosperity ‘feel good’ gospel and celebrity preachers, Liabunya was quickly written off as ‘merely attention seeking’, and seeking relevance through false controversy. Scores slammed him, while some just ignored his probably false claims.

The Office of The President in Zimbabwe offered no official response throughout the year, as the Prophet repeatedly reiterated his prophecy. Well placed sources within Mugabe’s Zanu PF revealed to The Southern Daily that the party, and government was not paying attention to the ‘hogwash’ ‘claims of a mad man’ and described them as “the closest thing to nonsense they had ever seen or read”

The exact stance of the government remains unclear however. On October 6, earlier this year, state security agents suspected to be from the Central Intelligence Organisation detained Joseph Magorimbo, a local cleric for inviting Nigerian Pastor, Chris Okafor, who has also in previous years falsely prophesied about Mugabe’s death.

The security agents also detained 2 other Nigerian nationals, who are members of Okafor’s church, and instantly deported 5 other Nigerian nationals and members of Okafor’s church. The 7 men had arrived earlier than Okafor, to prepare for a conference organised together with Magorimbo.

Following the developments, Chris Okafor, leader of the Liberation City World Outreach Ministries, cancelled the trip due to his “prophecy” that Mugabe would die and those who had previously persecuted the incoming President would start dying within 30 days.

It is unclear how and if Zimbabwe’s community will react to the latest stunt by the Prophet. Earlier this year, independent Christian philosopher, Learnmore Zuze responded to the entire drama by saying, “the Malaiwan Liabunya was not only a fake prophet, but a crook, and a deceitful fraudster seeking vain glory.”

Social commentators likewise, explained that when the first prophecy was initially made, Mugabe was 90 and had increasingly looked frail, and unwell, amid reports he was frequenting Asian medical facilities for treatment for terminal prostate cancer, and a life threatening and recurring eye infection. The Telescope News reported that Mugabe was believed to be incapacitated at the time. Thought the report on The Telescope ultimately proved to be false, or unconfirmed, the general sentiment was that the pastor had gambled on probability.

Several Zimbabweans responded scathingly on social media, claiming the prophet was simply making predictions on what seemed probable at the time.

Seemingly consistent with those analysis, time has passed, and only a few days remain before 2015 comes to an end. Robert Mugabe looks fitter than ever, as opposition supporters repeatedly share memes on social media claiming that he has undergone Botox treatment to look younger.

Time has passed for sure, and 12 months after he made his controversial prediction, the preacher has again expressed “no regret” saying Mugabe will die by the 31st December this year.

He echoed the same utterances as those at the new year during a cross over service in Lilongwe in 2014 – 2015. The service was held in Area 23 at Music Cross Road tent in Malawi’s administrative capital Lilongwe in the early hours of January 1st.

He has also added a few predictions about Mugabe’s wife. The prophet said First Lady Grace Mugabe “will never win in Zimbabwean politics” and had simply joined politics to “protect her ill-gotten wealth,” for which she would be soon humiliated.

Liabunya said that it would be good for Grace to contest as she would give back wealth to the Zimbabweans during the campaign period. Perhaps that is the only part of his prophecy carrying truth, as the first lady recently completed a nationwide rally tour where she handed out food hampers, gifts, and farming inputs to several thousands of people all over the country.

Liabunya used that as evidence that God was slowly confirming his words, as Grace was returning wealth back to the people.

“Mugabe will certainly die as proclaimed by this oracle of God and I will be vindicated as God’s humble messenger.”

Liabunya is a controversial figure who has won himself a following over the last few years predicting accurate political events in Malawi. His followers say that he accurately prophesied former Malawian President Joyce Banda’s defeat in 2014.

But the preacher has been slammed for making false predictions all to seek popularity after during the January service he told his followers that Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema would emerge as the new President of Zambia when the country goes to election on January 20, something which turned out to be untrue.

The United Party for Development leader was beaten by Patriotic Front leader Edgar Lungu who ironically has been getting support from President Mugabe.

Church members contest this, and claim their Prophet did not “miss it”  as he had earlier said Lungu would win by stealth after obtaining help from Mugabe.

At the time of writing, and after several requests for information, we were unable to gather any evidence to show claim that he indeed made the ‘editions’ to the prophecy, or that Robert Mugabe helped Edgar Lungu win the election in Zambia.

Speaking to online news agency, NewsDay UK, the prophet once again reiterated the same claims, and insisted that Mugabe would die on 31 December.

As the clock ticks, only time will tell,.

Source: NewsDayUK with additional reporting by Maynard Chizavare for The Southern Daily.

Disclaimer: This article is a News report, and the views expressed in it represent the views of the Pastor, his church, and his members as recorded by NewsDayUK, and information provided in additional reporting. Our news agency does not offer opinions on matters of religious beliefs and / or expression, as our entire network and team is liberal and comprised of both religious and non-religious people. We respect the decisions of those that choose to believe in them, and the freedom of those that do not. Consistent with ethics in Journalism, we do, and will report on religious material and events that are news worthy. We also have no opinion whatsoever on death prophecies (this one on Robert Mugabe, or any other for that matter), except pointing out blatant and obvious falsehoods as investigative journalism demands. We arrive at the conclusion of falsehoods by simply showing contradictions laden in these prophecies, and checking on previous history. Our staff may however hold their own personal beliefs, which we believe are theirs, private and not relevant here.


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