Zanu PF, The Dangerous Culture Of Leadership


The world must be weary of evil men and women, cruel thugs with no compassion. Men who possess so much evil within them that in pursuit of power they will wipe out entire generations, tribes, and races. These kinsmen will kill to pursue power, they will kill to retain it and they will burn whole nations to the ground, if only they will remain rulers.

By Maynard Manyowa

Adolf Hitler was such a man, Stalin was another, Idi Amin Dada, Muammar Gaddafi, Mobutu Sese Seko, and Mao Ze Dong were all men of this nature. Their spells claimed about billion lives and in heinous manner.

But these “leaders” are not the worst of the lot. Beyond these evil men is a different kind of villain, a monster that is worse. Beyond the brutal dictators and enemies of peace is the man who is behind them. This far from human man is the great enemy of humanity, the brain that inspires the brutality and the devious mind that creates illusions in the minds of the authoritarians. The very illusions that often informs their actions.

Behind and beyond cruel despots are the true enemies of liberty, freedom and democracy. These men serve to spin words, fool the masses, change definitions and twist brutal murder and genocide into acceptable acts of war.

Such men possess great mental aptitude. They are rare and intelligent men, with stellar mental competence. They are highly-educated intellectuals, who use their minds to control the people and persuade leaders.

Sometimes they persuade good leaders to turn rogue, sometimes they inspire borderline rogues to increase their levels of brutality under the deception of power consolidation.

Such men get high on the suffering of the ordinary people. They enjoy watching society die in their hundreds of thousands. For them, it presents a chance to defend the indefensible. Their eyes find pleasure in the exploitation of the people, they orgasm on watching human beings hunger and starve.

It follows the natural order, that even the unkind dictatorships get tired and gradually shift their stance and become less and less repressive. But then, these learned monsters, these more than evil men intentionally sow divisions among those in power to prolong the chaos, to prolong the suffering, to prolong the death and sickness among the populaces.

They lie to the despots and they lie to the population. They create tainted realities in both the ordinary masses and the dictators who grow further away from the people and indeed the true reality with each passing day.

The world should be weary of such people. The world should be weary of these enablers that help perpetuate suffering and help prolong hell. Even the despots themselves, who I need not give advice, should be weary of these men too. For history will remember the mass murderer and not the brains behind him.

These more than evil intellectuals will navigate their way to positions of influence and create a world through which the leader can neither live (and still be in power) without them, or where the intellectual through the need of his ability can blackmail the leader, who as I mentioned moves further and further away from his people and the true reality each day.

A man who creates your reality controls you. A man who is a smart liar, a devious sadist and a monstrous predator, if allowed to create and control your reality, will create parallel realities to consolidate his own position and get a kick out of the suffering of men.

It might be a matter of open debate that President Robert Mugabe is a dictator, but it is not a matter of debate that his rule is authoritarian and it has been characterised by extreme violence, extraordinary repression and intense assaults on personal liberties.

It is also not a matter of debate that some Zanu PF politicians are among the worst to ever happen to Zimbabwe. It is not a matter of debate that they have been at the forefront of creating false realities among several Zimbabweans, including to the President himself. A matter which will be explored in follow up submissions.

As aforementioned, the more than evil men intentionally sow divisions of hatred among the powerful, so as to create chaos and get a nasty kick out of it. As such, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has been credited with creating and coining the term G40, as well as the faction altogether.

At a time when Zanu PF should have been aiming at finally dealing with the real issues, Moyo creates a movement that deflects away from the national agenda, albeit to see Zimbabweans suffer more.

Further to that, Moyo is credited with creating the illusion of the “Lacoste” faction, adding members to it and agitating towards conflict and chaos by slurring the group he created, albeit to force the nation into chaos and violence.

Mugabe correctly described Moyo as the “devil incarnate” and a “weevil”. He perhaps could have survived that assault by either using his brains to create an illusionist reality to Mugabe, or by blackmailing the President. After all, Zanu PF performed dismally in all the elections it contested in Moyo’s absence. Despite being the father of indiscipline, Mugabe can’t quite seem to rid of him. It appears the “weevil” has the principal pinned, Mugabe must either bend of break.

To the general people, he shows up with unqualified blatant lies like claiming that, “Zimbabwe’s economy will boom in 2016”. He says this against all indications, and only qualifies his statement by the title of professor that he wears.

Is Moyo not the chief divisive element in Zanu PF? He insults and assaults every senior of his in Zanu PF, through intelligent use of innuendo and slur. He deflects and diverts attention and secretly gets high on the suffering of Zimbabweans.

So, yes, Zimbabweans will suffer greatly in 2016. Clearly, the “weevil” and “devil incarnate” has both the principal held and the masses fooled. He may be a learned man, but he is the man who has chosen to use his intellect as a tool to breed and elongate suffering, to all Zimbabweans, including those in Zanu PF. As for the how part, that will be described at length in the next submission.

Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst and social commentator. He can be reached for feedback via his personal website:


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