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A Zanu PF Member of Parliament who is closely linked to the notorious G40 faction, Honourable Wonder Mashange on Saturday severely assaulted farm workers employed by fellow black resettled farmers at Pabwino Farm, Plot no 3 in Bindura, a small mining town which is about 88km north-east of Harare, in Zimbabwe.

The out of control Zanu PF Legislator severely injured one of the farm workers with a steel sprinkler which he used to pelt the helpless worker all over the body, before he drew a revolver at threatened to shoot at the workers, some of whom he attacked with clenched fists, an booted feet.

The heavily assualted workers, Tatenda Chigweyo and Lloyd Saujeni are employed by local entrepreneur and resettled farmer Tinashe Matangira, on his 96 hectares of farmland. They were treated for severe blunt trauma injuries, before being refereed to the police to make a criminal report.

The Southern Daily can confirm that the matter was reported to the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Bindura, under case number RRB 2510424.

Police Spokesperson, Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment, as her number was unavailable at the time of writing.

This is not the first time Wonder Mashange has been flagged for assaulting fellow Zanu PF members and or members of the general public.

Towards the end of 2014, the not so honourable Member of Parliament assaulted the chief lands office in Bindura and again drew a pistol, and threatened to shoot the civil servant.

The chief lands officer in Bindura has stated that the MP has indicated that he wants to occupy the piece of land allocated to Tinashe Matangira, and that his aggression towards him was the result of frustrations in annexing the plot from the latter.

The MP is allocated plot number 4 on the same farm which measures 146 hectares of land. However he intends to annex the 93 hectares allocated to Tinashe Matangira.

The MP’s own plot of 146 hectares lies idle and has not been tilled, or prepared. The plot he wishes to annex and destroy already has over 7 hectares of crop planted as well, as fully tilled and prepared for the upcoming farming season.

MP Mashange while assaulting the farm workers stated that he intends to destroy and raze at least 7 hectares of maize crop planted by the farm land owner, Tinashe Matangira.

The driver for the legislator also confirmed through our local correspondent that the assault indeed took place Saturday afteroon, and indicated that the Zanu PF legislator would probably implement his stated actions and burn the plot and the maize to the ground.

Mashange’s cell number was unreachable for comment, with his secretary stating that he was busy attending to state matters.

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