Arrogant Fraud Pastor Refuses Community Service, Jailed 8 Months


A SELF proclaimed pastor for Kingdom Glory Ministry has been jailed 12 months for pretending to be a marriage officer and solemnising a couple $4,000 wedding.

Pastor Emmanuel Tsoka, 35, was offered the option of community service but refused saying it was beneath a man of his calibre.

He will, spent the next 8 months in prison after an unimpressed magistrate Tendai Mahwe jailed him instead, suspending four months on condition of good behaviour.

Mahwe had instructed the arrogant Tsoka to for community service vetting but he turned down the offer saying beneath a man of his calibre before demanding to be fined.

“I have already wasted much time coming here and I can’t be seen doing community service. I want to pay a fine,” said Tsoka.

The pastor however, got the shock of his life after the magistrate told him that he had no another option except to send him behind the bars.

“I had given you an option to do community service but you refused.

“You did not show contrition during your trial and at conviction but your actions have resulted in a couple losing thousands of dollars in hard earned money. You will go to jail,” said Mahwe.

Tsoka was denying the charges, arguing that he only blessed the couple.

In delivering his ruling, Mahwe also said Tsoka’s character did not resemble a man of God.

The court heard Tsoka would chant non-biblical allusions.

In a video played in court to confirm his offence, he was reciting Tongai Moyo’s popular chant “Sele mama sele, Sele kuna kuna Jesu” when he solemnised the couple which reported him.

Magistrate unmoved

After he was told that he would go to jail, he then pleaded with the court to reconsider its sentence.

“I’m now remorseful and I’m asking for forgiveness.

“My mother is a mental patient and I’m the only bread winner so if I go to jail my family will suffer,” he pleaded.

Mahwe however, said his ruling could not be reversed.

Allegations against Tsoka arose in September last year when the complainant, Simbarashe Kachenautowa customarily married his fiancé, Talent Matanhire.

The two opted to have a white wedding before staying together.

With the help of their pastor, Musa Kamusola, the two were introduced to Tsoka to be their marriage officer as the former was not qualified.

The couple started to have marriage lessons from Tsoka who asked to be given $50 to process marriage certificates at the Registrar General’s office.

When the wedding day came, Tsoka solemnised it.

Court heard that he apologised to the couple about the unavailability of certificates laying the blame on Registrar General’s office.

He blamed the office for delaying processing of the papers but promised that the papers would be available in two days.

Prosecutors proved that he said this in the presence of all witnesses.

That year lapsed but nothing materialised. The two then made enquiries with the bogus marriage officer but he started to insult them.

The couple then approached registered general’s office, leading to Tsoka’s arrest

– New Zimbabwe


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