Mugabe Is Healthier Than All Of You: Mnangagwa Tells Parly


VICE President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s arrogance played out in parliament Wednesday after he was quizzed on President Robert Mugabe’s health.

MDC-T lawmaker Prosper Mutseyami had asked Mnangagwa if the country is still stable given Mugabe’s continued “gaffes and falls”.

“I would want to know if the country is still safe and stable given the health problems that the President continues to encounter.

“He has developed a tendency to fall and say the wrong things. Can the country’s citizens still trust the country is still under sound leadership?” Mutseyami asked.

In response, Mnangagwa retorted; “I want to tell the honourable member that the President is healthier than you.”

Asked by Kuwadzana East legislator Nelson Chamisa if “you sleep peacefully at night given the problems in Zanu PF” Mnangagwa’s sarcasm went into overdrive.

“Do I look like someone who has not slept?

“If you really want to know whether I have slept or not, you know my wife; why don’t you ask her?” the VP said, pointing at his wife Auxilia, a fellow Zanu PF MP who was also in the house.

Mugabe’s handlers have consistently insisted the Zanu PF leader is “as fit as a fiddle”.

At 91 and reportedly unwell, President Mugabe has endured one of his most difficult years on the health front.

Early this year Mugabe left supporters shocked when he tumbled and landed on all fours moments after addressing gyrating Zanu PF activists on his return from being appointed African Union chairperson in Ethiopia.

The incident attracted international attention inspiring social media memes.

His then Information Minister Jonathan Moyo then told the media “the President did not fall…he broke the fall”.

Mugabe then followed this up with one of his greatest gaffes since taking power from Britain 35 years ago.

The veteran Zanu PF leader had, at the end of August, addressed parliament giving his first State Of the Nation Address (SONA) in years.

But in early September as he returned to officially open the 3rd Session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, Mugabe then went through the same statement he had presented as his SONA without batting an eyelid.

Mugabe’s spin-doctors had to run around as damage control ensued leading to the withdrawal of the statement from Parliament as it emerged that legally the former guerrilla leader had not officially opened the legislator.


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