Grace Mugabe Snubs Magaya


In a dramatic turn of events, our investigations revealed that the First Lady Dr. Grace Mugabe changed her mind last minute on gracing Magaya’s Night of turnaround 4. Information obtained from Magaya’s office, confirmed the development.

A reliable source in Magaya’s office revealed that the Man of God received an unpleasant call from the First Lady as she fumed over his failure to handle the information in regards to her visit, as reported by the Headboy early this week.The source who is a senior PHD official also revealed that Magaya said he was not bothered by the First Lady’s call as he has harnessed most cabinet ministers under his armpits.

It is alleged that the cancellation by Dr. Mugabe was prompted by the leakage of the information about the visit before time through Magaya’s office, which automatically posed a serious security threat on the VIPs. The Headboy is also well informed that the Vapositori were annoyed by the fact that Dr. Mugabe had accepted an invitation from a man that is undermining them whilst they are strong supporters of the ruling party. It is reported that they aired their views to the ruling party.

In a bid to divert attention from his shame, Magaya invited a number of Journalists from most local newspapers and asked them to write more about the cancellation of the Masvingo rally by Dr. Mugabe at the same time making it sound like she got busy for all events scheduled for Friday.The journalists in question (names provided) were paid to tone
down the shame in their articles of which we will read more of reporting on crowds and the disappointment of those that had come for Masvingo rally. Little will be said about the rift between Magaya and the First Lady.

Analysts predicted that during the night of Friday the 6th of November 2015,Magaya would likely to give an announcement or a “prophecy”, that he is going to be fought after his event.

This has emanated from the fact that his plan was to invite the First Lady and over 100 MPs and Cabinet Ministers whose attendance would create strong relations between him and the politicians.

The purpose of these relations will be to cover up for his deeds using these offices as in the past few weeks many cases of abuse started to sprout silently. His dirty linen will most likely expose senior police officers (names provided) that he bad put on his payroll and have been covering his deeds.

Source-The Headboynews


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