Editor’s Note:

We are pleased to announce that we have offered The Zimbabwe China Youth Forum a weekly column in our publication.

News 24 Zimbabwe writers are invitation only, and we have extended the invitation to the organization as a whole.

We believe the organization has vibrant young leaders of diverse backgrounds who offer interesting and stimulating opinions as well as initiatives. We believe our readers would find them engaging, motivating, and informing.

As most will be aware, as a publication we do not interfere with writers,  and we actively encourage free speech. The views that will be expressed by the writers will be those of the writers, and our readers are encouraged to submit feedback where they have supporting ideas or divergent ones for the matter.

We encourage open, educative and honest discourse, informed by values of free speech, and grounded in tenets of debate and information.

We hope you will enjoy the column!




Maynard Manyowa (Editor)



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