CHIREDZI: A medical doctor appeared in court for kidnapping a female traffic police officer whom he later detained for two hours.

Dr. Tungamirirai Rukatya pleaded not guilty to kidnapping charges when he appeared before magistrate Geraldine Mutsoto last week.

Prosecutor Chiedza Muhwandaka told the court that on October 22 this year Felistas Gwara, a female cop, was enforcing traffic duties along Nandi road in the company of two cops when they arrested Philemon Maphosa, Rukatya’s employee.

The court heard that the police impounded the vehicle and Gwara got into the vehicle and instructed Maphosa to drive to Chiredzi police station.

Rukatya then intercepted the vehicle before it reached the police station.

Court heard that Rukatya obstructed his impounded vehicle by stopping in front of it and then went on to switch off the engine, seized the keys and drove away in his other car.

He returned minutes later and instructed his driver to disembark from the vehicle and ordered him to drive home the other vehicle he had been driving while he took charge of the impounded one.

Rukatya reportedly disregarded the cop’s order to drive to the police station and drove to his farm instead where he detained her for two hours.

He was remanded out of custody to 4 November for continuation of trial



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