‘CIOs’ Rob Motorists At State House


TWO bogus Criminal Intelligence Operatives (CIO) who would waylay motorists near State House in Harare, accuse them of driving recklessly, and then rob them of cash and valuables are now answering to armed robbery charges.

Maxwell Dovo, 39, and Emmanuel Mayenga, 40, however denied the charges when they appeared before Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa.

Mupeiwa is expected to hand down his judgement on October 29.

Prosecutor Gideon Shumba said, on February 20 this year, one Kudakwashe Gamanya of Domboshawa was in the company of her driver, Simbarashe Labana, heading towards Borrowdale from Harare city centre.

When they approached the Air Force of Zimbabwe headquarters, the accused honked for Labana to slow down and told him to park their vehicle just after the Churchill road intersection.

Dovo and Mayenga then called Labana and accused him of driving recklessly at the State House.

They further claimed to be members of the CIO who had been tasked to arrest Labana and his boss for driving negligently close to high security facility.

Gamanya later followed the accused person’s car after realising that her driver had been held for a long time.

When she arrived at the car, she noticed that there were four people in the vehicle with Mayenga wearing police regalia.

One of the accused then pointed a gun at Gamanya and force-marched her and Labana back to their vehicle.

Labana was ordered to drive to Sandringhum Road before being instructed to pull off the road after driving for 300 metres.

Dovo demanded for $1,500 to release the complainants, then searched the car owner’s bag and took $200 before speeding off.

However, Gamanya managed to note accused persons’ vehicle registration number which she gave to police when the case was reported.

Police managed to find Brian Selemani who was using the vehicle and he helped them track down the members of the gang.

It was further alleged that earlier on February 12, Dovo and Mayenga used the same modus operandi and pounced on one George Mbewe at the traffic-light controlled intersection of Churchill Road.

They accused Mbewe of crossing a red light at Seventh Street and Tongogara claiming they had been sent from State House to arrest him.

They forced him to drive towards State House at knife point after misrepresenting that they would show him CCTV footage crossing the red traffic light.

After driving for a short distance, Mbewe was ordered to turn into Sandringhum Road and ordered to stop.

The accused persons then demanded $1,000 before Dovo searched him and took $180.


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