THERE was a small amount of marijuana in Zanele Moyo’s room and not the huge cache of empty alcohol bottles initially indicated, higher education minister Jonathan Moyo said on Wednesday.

Zanele, Minister Moyo’s daughter, was found dead in her off-campus flat in South Africa last Saturday. The 20-year-old was a second year student at the University of Cape Town.

Her body arrived in Harare Wednesday ahead of burial at Glen Forest on Friday.

Addressing mourners who included President Robert Mugabe, Minister Moyo said they found a small amount of marijuana when they got into Zanele’s apartment.

According to The Herald newspaper, Minister Moyo said the family had not raised any suspicion of foul play over his daughter’s passing.

He however, expressed the family’s frustration with South African authorities who told the family that results of toxicology tests would only be available after five years.

South African police had also displayed little enthusiasm in tracking down a Zambian man who was last seen with Zanele.

“When we were in the apartment we were told that Zanele was last seen on Wednesday the 14th in the company of a Zambian guy called Stephen who is about 26 or 28 years old whom Zanele had only known for three weeks after being introduced to him by her friend Rumbie,” he said.

The man is said to have called Zanele’s friend last Wednesday telling her to come to the apartment because the minister daughter was passing out and he had to go to Zambia’s for his father’s funeral.

Minister Moyo said SA police were not keen to follow up the lead after they informed them that the Zambian had been seen in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe said the government would lean on South Africa to provide the family with a satisfactory explanation.

Said Mugabe: “Yes there could have been some partying. But couldn’t there have been an altercation and possibly a fatal accident?

“As a government we will continue to say we are not satisfied,” he added.

“They (South African authorities) need to give us a satisfactory explanation. The doctors are saying results of the post-mortem will only be available after five years.

“Where have you heard of anything like that?”

Mugabe said SA police also need to interview the Zambian man last seen with Zanele.

“We heard that there was a Zambian who had the knowledge that she was dying and he alerted others,” he said.

“That is where we ask whether this was reported to the police or not. If it was reported, what kind of police are they who do not institute investigations on such a matter in a satisfactory manner?”

Meanwhile, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba, has urged calm until the facts of the tragedy are established.

“We wish to pass our deep felt condolences to Honourable Jonathan Moyo and the entire bereaved family for this tragic loss and hope that God will strengthen them during this difficult period,” Mwamba told Zambian media.

“It is not a period to pass blame, or condemnation until the truth is fully established. Zambia has a large population of students in colleges and universities in South Africa.

The Zambians are known for their peace, discipline and general good conduct. This event, therefore, is sad, but isolated.”


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