VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa literally “outed” First Lady Grace Mugabe after being grilled in Parliament over the activities of President Robert Mugabe’s wife.

Grace has been going around the country holding rallies and after which she has “donated” various irrigation equipment.

However it has been established that Grace is in fact giving away equipment the Zimbabwean government received from Brazil in a deal worth millions to Zanu PF supporters only.

And the MDC MPs took Mnangagwa to task over the issue and Mugabe’s number two bulked.

“The First Lady has not donated anything but she is just handing over equipment as identified by the ministry of agriculture (under Joseph Made).

“Government has identified a minimum of eight irrigation schemes in each province and equipment from the first phase of the Brazil project from which we are receiving equipment has been duly allocated,” Mnangagwa said.

But opposition MPs would not let the Zanu PF second in command off the hook, quizzing him on Grace’s capacity to dole out government equipment.

Kuwadzana East legislator Nelson Chamisa led the grill.

“I would like to know when she (Grace) is going to give the equipment to MDC supporters,” asked Chamisa.

A visibly miffed Mnangagwa retorted: “The equipment will work whether it has been handed over by you or anyone. The First Lady will do her political work and then help the minister (Made) to hand over the equipment,” he said.

State media have gone to extremes describing Grace as a philanthropist of note who has come to the rescue of desperate Zimbabweans in their darkest hour.

For her part, Grace has claimed: “I cannot leave you to die because ndiri Amai (I am your mother).

“So, I have come to be with the people because I work for the people and it is with the people that I shall continue to work despite the insinuations of my detractors.”

Made has not uttered a word at any of the rallies and, in fact, he has hardly been visibly with co-Vice-President Phelekezela Mhpoko and Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere the most prominent political figures running beside Grace as she distributes the donations across the country.

Last week, Grace claimed that some of the equipment she was giving away was donated by Belarus.

Mnangagwa was in Belarus a few months ago where he cobbled a few agreements that have not made any impact on the local scene.

Grace has used her rallies to take pot shots at Mnangagwa with whom she is reportedly locked in a tussle to control the ruling party as Mugabe, now 91, seemingly sees out the last years of his long political career and stranglehold on the country’s levers of power.

(new zimbabwe)


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