Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya has ‘CONFIRMED’ that there is a cold-war at play between him and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Read the excerpts from the interview he had with NewsDay Below


ND: There has been a lot of talk that some prophets use magic from Nigeria to lure more church members and looking at the phenomenal increase in your ministry, traditional churches back home tend to suspect so. What is your comment to such allegations ?
WM: There is no way I would be where I am today if I was using magic. I will not stoop so low as to respond to people who don’t understand where we are and what we believe in. There shall come a time when they shall understand what we stand for and believe in our way of doing things, but I can tell you I have achieved all this through Jesus Christ. At one time, I read online that someone was alleging that I stage-manage prophecies and tell people to say they have been healed and that some of the wheelchairs that we display when someone is healed are new. I prayed that the Lord gives me people with wounds so that I could heal them because I can’t stage-manage healing of a wound. If you have relatives who are sick, bring them!

ND: But many have questioned the authenticity of your miracles basing on the belief that you get your powers from Nigeria’s TB Joshua. They say you have not hidden your association with him, could he be the source of your power or what?
WM: Prophet TB Joshua is my spiritual god-father and I get advice from him time and again, even before I came here (SA), I told him. We were supposed to hold this crusade in May, but he is the one who advised me not to and this because he has experience and has been in the ministry for many years. He guides me on how to do this work. He even prays for me. When I am preaching here, there are prayer warriors at SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations) who will be praying for me, so I definitely do as he advises me, hence my association with him.

ND: Back home, many have alleged that you, the new crop of church leaders are taking advantage of the economic situation. They see the church as the only hope for their problems, what is your response?
WM: What attracts people to PHD Ministries is not the economic situation, but anointing. I am not taking advantage of the economic situation in Zimbabwe. For your own information, we are creating wealth for many people whom we help through our projects. Instead of people appreciating what we are doing for our widows, they see that (the negative perceptions). We have helped many people at our church hence Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authotrity) is after us. So it is wrong for you to say we are taking advantage of the situation back home. Secondly, Zimbabwe as a country, we must embrace this new gospel because it is the only thing that as a country we are left with. We are providing hope which is the biggest thing God has given to sustain our country.

Most people think I make money through church offerings, but to be honest, most of our cash comes from our partners. Offerings collection (money) is not enough to sustain our projects.

ND: Talking about Zimra, what’s really the problem, we heard that they raided your offices. What were they looking for?
WM: I think you should tell us more as to what’s really happening. We are prepared to give them whatever they want from us. We are, however, worried with the way they did their things. Honestly, they should have looked for the information from people we had assigned to them and not this thing of saying we want to see Magaya. It seems as if they have something against me. We are preparing for them a list of people we have helped and they will be shocked because we are going to include everybody including some prominent people in society. As PHD, we believe in giving and we have done so successfully because that is our calling, to help where we can.

ND: When you arrived here (in South Africa) we witnessed a somewhat stampede, have you hired people to do that. They said so because you came here with a number of busses of people from Zimbabwe. Why do you move around with such a huge number of people from Zimbabwe?
WM: Most of the people who were on those buses are my ministerial workers. Our ministry is very complicated and there is no way it can run without ministerial workers. In PHD Ministries we have 18 different departments. Some of the buses used were not hired, but well-wishers, such as Munenzwa, offered us a bus for the trip for free. Critics can go ahead speaking, but that wii not stop us from moving ahead as well. You saw it for yourself and I believe one day Zimbabwe will understand how our ministry operates. You have been to Botswana and seen the importance of ministry workers when we are delivering people. This ministry does not need just a person to be an usher but someone who understands how to handle a demon when it manifests. At times a demon can be violent and harm you when you don’t know how to handle it so even for our United Kingdom crusade; we will go with the same number of ministry workers, about 750 of them, and people have been asking how are you going to do that? Yes, we will do it.

When someone is delivered, there is need for a trained counsellor to help that person maintain the healing and deliverance. So we move with such people. Also we need to keep records of all the people we would have delivered for follow-ups and we need people to document all that.

ND: You said these are ministry workers, are you also a ministry worker and if so, how much do you earn?
WM: Yes, they are ministry workers, even me I am one. You ask about salaries, we don’t have salaries at PHD, but we give them allowances for each work we do and it’s not fixed. Like we are here, we have given them allowances for food and to buy one or two things for themselves. We also help them like in paying school fees when need arises. You also asked about how much I get. Well, after we have given all the ministry workers, I get what would have remained from what would have been contributed by our partners. The money that we share for the ministry comes from partners, people who have understood our ministry. Some of these are people who have been healed and want to help others get the same deliverance so they decide to partner with us.


ND: But do you think that’s enough for these workers, I mean the allowances?
WM: Most of the ministry workers have their jobs somewhere, so they volunteer to work for the church. People like him, (Everson Chatambudza) he is a lawyer and has his job, but he is one of the workers here. We have many of them like him.

ND: How is your relationship with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa?
WM: Very good, I have no problems with him, not at all.

ND: When did you last meet him?
WM: Six years ago, but I have nothing against him, although I last spoke to him over the phone recently. Well, he is busy and I am also busy, what do people say? I mean you guys in the media hear a lot of things.

ND: There seems to be a cold war between the two of you.
WM: Well it’s true, but I have not heard him say anything bad about me and I have not said anything bad about him. You know what, Makandiwa is older than me, he started his ministry earlier than me, and he is probably more mature than me, so I have nothing personal against him. Yes, there is a silent war, especially with those that started earlier; they feel challenged at the rate at which we are growing. Even if it was me, I would feel challenged. Obviously, there are those who feel challenged because people who used to go to their churches are now coming to us. They are asking themselves what it is that we are doing which they are not doing right? I have recordings of some pastors who accuse me of being a Satanist, but I have just kept that to myself.

ND: Could this be a reason why you have not attended their church gatherings or held joint crusades?
WM: I don’t think I would do that, they hate me honestly it seems so. They feel like I have taken their membership, hence I have no close friend like a prophet or so.

ND: Many have questioned your people, the overseers and said they are young and look immature and even your dressing, what could be your response?
WM: I have heard that, but you know what, these people you are saying are young; they are the best people to have worked with. They understand the ministry and some of them I adopted them way before I started this ministry. On the dressing, well as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I have seen those who go to Makandiwa’s church dressed like him and I have also seen those who follow me doing the same, so it’s about feeling comfortable and doing what is best for you.

ND: There are some who say Makandiwa is a better preacher than you, do you feel challenged?
WM: Not at all, let me say this. I really appreciate what Makandiwa has done for this country and he is way ahead of me. His ministry is much older than mine, but I have my own way of doing things and it is working. I do preach as well. It’s just that you have not really met me when I am preaching.

ND: What does PHD really represent, I mean what are its values, the dos and don’ts of the ministry?
WM: We stand for deliverance, healing and prophecy. If you come to our church and you are not delivered, there is a problem there. Yes, we have departmental rules and regulations, but us we focus on healing people, delivering and prophecy. That’s why you would find us allowing Macheso (Alick) or Tocky Vibes playing at our church as we would want to lure more people to be healed. We know when they come to listen to Macheso, they will meet their deliverance which is critical to a Christian life.

ND: Let’s talk about your wife, she keeps a low profile life. Is it a deliberate strategy or what?
WM: She is praying hard for God to give her something and I believe she is getting there. One day she visited our guest houses for counseling sessions and a demon manifested after someone touched a chair she was seated on, she came home happy and I believe she is getting there.

ND: In your career as a prophet, which miracle do you believe was your greatest?
WM: Every miracle is great to us because there is no small miracle that God does, all miracles are great and important.

ND: In Botswana you said your greatest wish was to meet President Robert Mugabe. Now that you finally met him at the State House, what is now your greatest wish after meeting Mugabe?
WM: Is to host journalists for a church service so that you may appreciate what we do as churches. I don’t want to host you while you are doing your job of news gathering, I just want to have a day with all journalists in the country and have a service for you praying to God maybe you may appreciate us. What I have seen is that you do not celebrate your own people. If you look at how some countries celebrate their celebrities, you really wonder if in Zimbabwe we do that as well.

ND: You have been funding soccer for some time now and Cuthbert Dube resigned as Zifa president, would you take up that post if approached looking at the level of support you have given to it?
WM: I will not take that offer to lead Zifa if given the opportunity because I have enough on my plate. Let me be clear, I don’t support soccer because I love it, no; I support it because I believe in ensuring our young people’s talents are exposed to the fullest. Currently, we are building a 15 000-seater stadium. The facility will cost ‘few million dollars” and is meant to develop and promote talent in the community.

ND: Back to the issue of Zimra, we understand that government intends to tax churches, what’s your position?
WM: So, then they say, ‘We want to tax you.’ I don’t know where we will head (to), but I tell you; that’s a very terrible mistake. If there is any rule in our nation which makes me to comply I will. I don’t have a right of saying no. I will, but you see, there will be a huge effect than anything else.

ND: Lately, Mugabe has been critical of new churches. He has questioned them and even suggested that they are after money, what is your response?
WM: He is correct and is doing what a President should do, challenge us to prove whether we are true or not. Even if I was the President, I would get worried about what is happening in my country if you look at the rate at which new churches are emerging. But he will understand us and this can only be through challenging these churches. If you don’t do that, your people might be led astray. So it’s very important to do so. I really support him. Even the Bible says so, test the spirit.

Source: NewsDay


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