SUSPECTED Spirit Embassy Church (now Good News Church) thugs threatened The Sunday Mail Religion Reporter Desire Ncube with death if a story that questions their leader Prophet Uebert Angel’s absence from the country was published.

Ncube said on Friday night and yesterday, he received chilling death threats seven times before filing a police report at Harare Central Police Station last night.

The reporter interviewed Spirit Embassy Church local leader, Pastor Felix Angel on Wednesday evening for a story that has been published in The Sunday Mail Religion section.

Pastor Felix demanded that The News Team “drop the story” largely because “it tarnishes the image of Prophet Angel”. Suspiciously, it is only Pastor Felix and his wife Michelle who have Ncube’s phone number.

Efforts to get a comment from Pastor Felix were fruitless as his wife said “he was on quiet time” before she flipped, saying “he left his phone at home”.

His mobile phone was later on not reachable. Spirit Embassy representative Mr Tich Mataz said they were also investigating who could have threatened the journalist.

This is not the first time that prophet Angel’s people have threatened other people with death as punishment for messing up with their very controversial church leader who even faces arrest upon setting foot in Zimbabwe.

The fugitive-preacher, Mr Uebert Angel Mudzanire, caused a scene in the United Kingdom city of Birmingham recently when church members of the El Shaddai ministries were threatened with death if they dare question Angel’s words and actions.

Church members were told all heaven will attack and cause trouble on them if they do not revere Angel, real name Mudzanire who barely five years ago changed his name after being listed for academic fraud.”

Said the head of the El Shaddai church empire the Zambian Ramson Mumba, as Angel headed for the pulpit, “I with the integrity that I have got will tell you Uebert Angel is a prophet of God…and that has come from the mouth that is ready to see Jesus face to face. If you don’t know who I and who my wife are; If you don’t know my nature and my character, (sic) don’t mess around, don’t do foolish things! There is a generation to rescue. Woe(misery, trouble, death) be unto this generation if you don’t receive a prophet in the name of a prophet!” threatened Mumba as he introduced Mudzanire.


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