CHIVHU: A man who is currently serving a 20-year jail term for killing another villager was last week brought back to court to answer to two fresh charges of gruesome murder.

Bryan Mupayiki, 26, of Rufu village under Chief Nyoka in Featherstone, was brought to the High Court last week on new charges of murdering his brother, Moses Tsopodzi and Mehluli Hlamini.

He allegedly committed both crimes in 2013.

The matter is being heard by Justice Garainesu Mawadze.

According to the state, Mupayiki murdered Tsopodzi along the Harare- Masvingo highway in January 2013.

The state is alleging that Mupayiki hit Tsopodzi with a concrete block on the head several times, killing him on the spot.

Again, on February 3 2013, Mupayiki allegedly assaulted Hlamini with fists before he tied three big stones to his legs and threw him into a dam where he drowned.

The reason for the killing of the two men is not known.

Last year, Mupayiki was handed a 20-year jail term for murdering another villager in Featherstone.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, a Wedza man has also appeared at the High Court facing two charges of murdering two men who had confronted him for stealing a kitchen unit.

Robert Chiguma is accused of murdering Phineas Chiwande and Gilbert Maweto on 21 October 2014 after they had approached him investigating the theft of a kitchen unit.

After the confrontation, Chiguma later followed Maweto whom he struck several times with a log before shoving his body into a fireplace.

He later hunted down Chiwande and attacked him with a sharp object and killed him in the process before throwing his body into the river.

Chiguma told the court that although he had some misunderstandings with the two men before, he was not involved in their deaths but was forced by the police to confess to the charges against his will.

Both trials continue.

(New Zimbabwe)


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