CAPE TOWN: A Maitland man received a life-changing phone call from the police this week, confirming that DNA tests conducted on the remains of a body found six months ago were those of his wife.

Gibson Ncube last saw his wife, Sipho, 35, originally from Zimbabwe, on March 4 last year as he left home for work: “The night before she said she had a house-keeping interview.”

When he returned from work his wife was not home. She had left their son, Emmanuel, with a neighbour and a note saying she had gone for an interview.

She had also written down the number of the person who had contacted her to arrange the interview.

In April this year, a body was found buried in the backyard of a Hout Bay house. The gardener at the house was arrested, and is expected to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.

On Tuesday, after Ncube visited Salt River morgue, he said: “I was expecting it but, with that being said, hearing the news did not make the pain less easy to bear. However, now I can move forward and focus on raising our child.”

He said he was given a letter that allows him to make “arrangements with an undertaker”.

The letter stated that the family had been given 48 hours to appoint an undertaker to collect Sipho’s body.

If not collected, the family would be charged a storage fee.

“I have accepted that my wife has passed on, but the challenge now is financing the burial arrangement and transporting the remains to Zimbabwe.

“The family wants her remains that side and I can’t finance that. I am not sure what I am to do now.”

His son, Emmanuel, is in Zimbabwe with his grandmother.

“This thing has separated my son and I. I can’t look after him because I work till late and I miss my son and my wife. I miss my family.”

Ncube and Sipho had been together for seven years.

“It’s been a long journey, it’s difficult to raise a child on your own, very difficult.”

Sipho’s sister, Sinothile Khumalo, said the news had reopened old wounds: “The pain resurfaced.

“We are happy that the results have come out. We thank God for all he has done. Sipho was a loving mother.

“She would do anything for her son, who is going to give her son that love now? A mother’s love?”

The matter will be heard in court on Tuesday.

This article is taken from the Independent Online.


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