TWO Zimbabweans were last week robbed and brutally murdered while their vehicle was burnt to ashes in Durban, South Africa. Zimbabwe’s Consular-General to South Africa, Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro confirmed the murder of Mthabisi Ncube and his business partner Lux Tendai Chingariri.

“Ncube and Chingariri had been called by seven people who pretended to be potential buyers of copper looms and in the process, the two were taken to a local induna (village headman) for questioning. However, to our surprise Ncube was found dead near a river with a gun wound while Chingariri had wounds.

“We are in talks with the Durban police to summon the Amanzimtoti Induna to explain what really happened. As a headman he was supposed to protect the victims,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

The deceased’s business associate Mr King Mutanda told the Consular-General that, “When we heard that they (Ncube and Chingariri) had been attacked, we tried to go to the area, but a mob of over 30 people threatened to stone us and we retreated and went to the police.

“When we came back with the police, they had been taken away and we searched from around 10am to 4pm but could not find them. Their bodies were only found the following morning about 600 metres away from their burnt car. The copper they had obtained had been looted and the spare wheel of the vehicle had been stolen. We had just purchased the vehicle for R90 000 and the copper was worth around R10 000.” Mr Mukonoweshuro said he would make sure the culprits were brought to book. The two have since been buried in Harare.


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