The leader of the Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) Paul Siwela who is in self imposed exile at a yet to be known country has predicted Grace Mugabe being the next president for a short period of time which will see the end of Mugabe’s dynasty.

Siwela ran out of the country when he was still facing treason charges together with his other colleagues John Gazi and Charles Thomas who have since been acquitted by the Bulawayo High Court on the same charges.”It became clear to some of us a long time ago that Grace Mugabe would become the next President of Zimbabwe while her husband Robert Mugabe shall retain the Presidency of Zanu PF indefinitely,” Siwela Predicted.

“She is likely to be deputised by Saviour Kasukuwere (Current Minister of Local Government Urban Development and National Housing) and Jonathan Moyo (Higher and Tertiary Education Minister) after (Vice President) Emmerson Mnangagwa had been declared a national hero.”

Siwela said Grace Mugabe’s rule shall be short lived but deliver the end of Mugabe dynasty and leave a confused and unstable Zimbabwe which is a failed State that would be very costly to reconstruct.

“It is unfortunate that many failed to see the picture in time as they were blinded by Morgan Tsvangira euphoria and later Joice Mujuru and currently Emmerson Mnangagwa elevation to the Vice Presidency,” said Siwela.

“History is repeating itself, Mashonaland is reverting back to its original form where there was no central authority to govern the diverse shona people.”

Siwela a secessionist said the Zimbabwean media is busy churning out many misleading and confusing stories tipping several individuals to succeed Robert Mugabe.

“Sadly, some even assume the fate of the country is beholden to either Joice Mujuru, or Emmerson Mnangagwa or Morgan Tswangirai. Alas ! politics is politics and does not follow rational deductions therefore,” he said.

“Surprises are along the curve. Watch this space.The truth is that Zimbabwe is headed towards a split in the middle and give birth to The Republic of Matebeleland by 2018.”

Siwela said interestingly, many don’t even foresee the cleavage that has opened up for the birth of The Republic of Matebeleland, little wonder we pronounced the birth to be around 2018 way back in 2013. Perhaps its nice to live to get surprises from time to time and this time can not be an exception.”


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