HARARE – A church service in Mbare came to halt on Sunday after the leader was allegedly presented with the corpse of a ‘dead’ child.

Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries
Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries

It was a stern test for the pastor, Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries as he claimed to do a resurrection miracle that saw the child being brought to life.

Reports are that the child’s mother alerted the church that her baby was behaving strangely and by the time she got to the church, it is said the child had died.

The mother made a huge noise outside the church at Mbare Netball Complex before the preacher was alerted of the development.

Pastor Sanyangore was presented with the ‘corpse’ of the child, sending shivers down the spines of many, with the mother crying and kneeling before the preacher.

“Hanzi mwana angotanga kupinduka maziso, paazosvika pano angaasisafemi,” a source said.


Sanyangore is famous for the ‘death and resurrection ‘ miracle after he allegedly ‘killed ‘ and raised people at his church and all eyes were on him when the ‘dead ‘ child was presented to him.

The man of cloth was all tears before taking the child to the altar where he prayed before the child “miraculously” came back to life, leaving many in awe.

This will be the second resurrection miracle Sanyangore has pulled in his church among other miracles.

Speaking to H-Metro, Sanyangore, in tears, said it was the power of God at play.

“I can’t say much. I also need an explanation of what really transpired. All I know is the power of God was at play,” he said.

It is said the woman had another child who died in similar circumstances but in this case the child got spiritual help. H Metro


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