PANIC-STRICKEN workers who recently lost jobs on three months’ notice have reportedly turned to traditional healers to seek supernatural solutions to their misfortunes.

Zimbabwe Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) president George Kandieri told Wednesday their members have recorded brisk business in the past few weeks with much of the new clientele coming from those who lost their jobs.

“There is an upsurge from among those people (workers); they are desperate,” Kandiero said.

“So, you find that being Zimbabweans, they will look for answers or solutions from within our membership where others are saying can you deal with the person who caused my expulsion, or where someone says I want to get another job.”

This, the Zinatha chief said, was a countrywide phenomenon which has however, been more prevalent in Harare where most firms are located.

Kandiero said some of their clients come in groups to consult or belong to certain groups which refer each other to traditional healers they trust.

On top of the supernatural assistance they are getting, Kandiero added, the new crop of clients are also offered counselling services which are however different from those they would usually receive from trained professionals.
People are desperate … Zinatha president George Kandieri

“We have always had people consulting when they are going for job interviews or when they have other problems at work but in this case now it is quite serious where bread winners, some with extended families are forced to leave employment,” he said.

Figures could be higher as trying times have pushed a great many from among the local populace to popular miracle prophets for divine intervention.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions reported last month that some of the targeted workers have experienced stress related deaths.

An estimated 25 000 employees were dislodged from their workplaces following the July 17 Supreme Court ruling.

The controversial ruling exposed loopholes in the country’s labour laws through which business owners could fire employees without the obligation of paying any severance packages.

Government later responded with a new Labour Act which ostensibly strikes a balance between the interests of the two parties but the employment landscape remains gloomy as both parties are reportedly unsatisfied.


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