Professor Jonathan Moyo Rubbishes Prophet Makandiwa, Says All Who Believe Him Are Fools


HIGHER Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday rubbished United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophecy about Zimbabwe’s untapped massive oil reserves as rubbish.

“Prophets around the world say weird things. The difference in our case is that too many fools entertain the crap,” Moyo said on his twitter handle.

He was responding to a tweet by journalist, Sure Kamhunga who had said: “Zimbabwe prophet says country has rich oil reserves, which he saw in his vision. No words.”

Social media users were generally contemptuous of the prophecy, with one saying “only a fool would believe such especially our leaders who once discovered processed diesel”.

Makandiwa on Friday told his followers at his church’s all-night vigil at the National Sports Stadium in Harare that God had showed to him huge oil reserves that would turn the country’s economic fortunes around.

Several government officials, parliamentarians, church leaders, captains of industry and international delegates attended the church service.

“But I’m seeing something. I’m seeing oil coming out of our grounds.

“Just in case you think I’m guessing, I will tell you the place no one knows about so you know that in this nation, there is a prophet from God,” Makandiwa said.

He said he had been taken by the spirit and was shown some oil reserves.

Makandiwa has in the past forecasted “miracle gold” and riches for the country, but this is yet to come to pass.

In 2007, President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government was duped by a traditional healer, Rotina Mavhunga, also known as Nomatter Tagarira, into believing that diesel was oozing from a rock in Maningwa Hills in Chinhoyi.



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