‘Shandisai Ma Napkin!’ – Government To Ban Pampers (Disposable Nappies)


THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) says it is advocating for the ban of use of disposable diapers, describing them as an environmental pollutant.

In an interview yesterday, EMA Bulawayo manager Decent Ndlovu said: “The issue of disposable diapers is a cause for concern because of the way they are being handled. They need to be properly disposed of, not what we are currently witnessing whereby people are just disposing of them anywhere, polluting the environment.”

He added: “As EMA, we are mooting a legal framework, advocating for the ban of disposable diapers. Yes, we want them banned because they are a menace to the environment and threat to the ecosystem.”

Ndlovu said citizens should restrain from littering the environment by dumping disposable diapers or waste such as sanitary pads willy-nilly.

“Whoever is doing that should know that he or she is guilty of polluting the environment and as an agency, we will take necessary measures,” he added.

He said citizens should wrap pampers and put them in bags for disposal by local authorities.

Ndlovu said more than 20 residents of Entumbane were recently fined between $5 and $20 after they were caught dumping waste at undesignated sites.

He also revealed that some Bulawayo residents were dumping garbage in the outskirts of the city, thereby causing serious problems in the environment.

He said the most affected rural authorities were Matopo and Umguza Rural District Council.

As such, EMA, in conjunction with Bulawayo United Residents’ Association, Matopo and Umguza RDCs, Bulawayo City Council, the police and other stakeholders, were mooting plans to have the garbage removed.


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