Zim Dancehall Star Attacks President Mugabe In New Song


RISING dancehall chanter Platinum Prince has released a song that chides President Robert Mugabe for his failure to address the socio-economic ills bedevilling the country.

In the song, which is rich in satire, the musician challenges the 91-year-old strongman to visit the populous Chitungwiza town and come face to face with the decay of social service infrastructure.

The chanter, in his well-arranged rhythm, also reminded Mugabe that the economy was not performing well, although he had been in charge for 35 years.

In some of the lyrics he asked which bar the President drinks from so that he can join him for some drinks since he was broke.

The Bindura-bred musician well known for his controversial music, sings in the 43-second clip, “Ndeipi Ndeipiyenyu Baba vaBona, ndanzwa vanhu vachiseka kuti makadonha, havana kukwana hapana chinosekesa, takatarisa pavakadonha imimi penyupashoma. Ndeipi President ndamboti ndikumhoresei, murisei?” (How are you, Bona’s father? I heard people laughing saying you fell down, but if we check the number of times they themselves have fallen, your falls do not count).

He then praised Mugabe for his leadership since 1980, but then decries the absence of employment opportunities, saying he does not have money. He calls on Mugabe to visit Chitungwiza and observe the burst sewer pipes.

After the release of the song, several messages went viral on social network, Whatsapp alleging that the musician had died.

In 2014, Platinum Prince released a song that was again filled with controversial lyrics which were believed to be linked to Satanism. He, however, denied the allegations, arguing that he was a bona fide Christian. In the same year, the musician was allegedly beaten by fellow chanter Killer T over his diss song, Hanzi, which was alleged to be offensive and which mocked a lot of artists.



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