Give More Than 10 Percent When Tithing If You Want Blessings: Magaya


Prophet Walter Magaya has urged the faithful to tithe more than the usual 10 percent if they are to get more benefits.

“Tithe is an old testament rule which was meant to instil responsibility in people. You should actually give way more than 10% because the giver benefits more than the one who is receiving.

“Your relationship and how much you know God is what should push you into how much you give Him,” he told a follower in a question and answer session.

Another asked Prophet Magaya why is that the many prophesies he has been given never materialise.

Magaya said : “ A prophecy is not complete if it is not accompanied by one’s deliverance and testimony. You can be told your name and ID number but that won’t change your life because you already know all that. It is also not necessary to reduce one’s shoe size when you can channel that same opportunity to healing someone who is dying of cancer.



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