Land Barons, Zanu PF Big Wigs, To Be Arrested Soon Over illegal Stands


ALL illegal land barons and corrupt officials who were involved in the sale of State land in Harare, depriving members of the public of their hard earned money will be arrested, police warned Thursday.

Addressing a joint press conference with City Council in Harare, ZRP spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, appealed to members of housing co-operatives which lost money to land barons to report the cases at the nearest police stations.

“We are advising members of the public that police will arrest all those who defrauded members of the public for personal gain,” she said.

Police would also assist members of the public to recover money that was stolen from unsuspecting home seekers.

“Stop paying these illegal land barons because their demands for payment are illegal,” said Charamba.

She urged members of the public to co-operate so that the land barons are nabbed and made accountable for their illegal deeds.

A special ZRP task force has since been established to handle land barons.

“Police are coming in to assist the City of Harare bring sanity to land issuance and development and the programme will start in Budiriro which has a lot of illegal settlements,” said Charamba.

Asked on what would happen if a settler has official stamped documentation from the council offices but their property is on council land deemed illegal for development, Charamba said such documents should be brought forward to police.

Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube said demolitions are ongoing and all the illegal structures would be destroyed.

“People disregarded warnings by our Development Control Unit and chose to listen to the land barons instead of the City Council hence, should not complain when we destroy these structures,” said Ncube.

She added that all the structures being destroyed did not comply with council’s construction procedures.

“Anyone who chooses to build a structure without council approval would be throwing their investments down the drain,” she added.

In recent weeks, illegal settlements in Glen Norah, Warren Park and Budiriro have been demolished with other parts of Harare to follow.




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