BEWARE! : Grace Mugabe Warns Mnangagwa, Reminds Him Of What Happened With Mujuru


BEWARE the folly of one Joice Mujuru, First Lady Grace Mugabe said Thursday, in a warning thought to be directed at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Being acting president when VaMugabe is away does not make you heir-apparent,” Grace said.

Her remarks were strikingly similar to comments made to the Sunday Mail as well as the BBC by now higher education minister Jonathan Moyo regarding Mnangagwa.

The same BBC had this week approvingly reported that “the economic ideas of Emmerson Mnangagwa and his close ally, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, are already impressing Western institutions and those too nervous to invest while the old man prevails.

“His (Mnangagwa) ambitions for open democracy may not be as advanced, but the right-hand man may be someone the international community can do business with.”

But in an address at some function in Binga which was beamed live by the financially-crippled ZBC, Grace warned that she was ready to blow her whistle the man they call “the crocodile”.

She said although some considered her a lunatic with a whistle, her supposedly mental ravings were always, eventually, vindicated.

“Some people take me for a mental case,” President Robert Mugabe’s wife admitted as she talked about factionalism which has re-emerged in the Zanu PF ruling party.

“Factionalism is rearing its ugly head again but we say down with it. There are some who have been canvassing for grassroots support since 2013,” Grace continued.

“They are telling people that they will take over from President Mugabe.”

Grace then made her views clear about whether the ambitious lieutenants she did not name had feet big enough to fill her husband’s shoes.

“Do not lie to us about your capabilities, we know them, we know you all and what you are capable of,” she said.

Further, she claimed that even God was not convinced about the would-be successors which is why President Mugabe still labours in office at the ripe age of 91.

“Just ask yourself why God continues giving a 91 year old strength to lead the country. Where have you ever seen a 91 year old who can stand for 2 hours?”

Those too keen on Mugabe’s job should not forget Mujuru’s political tragedy too quickly.

“This is what destroyed Mujuru. Do not be caught off-side Tamba nevamwe zvakanaka (play fair, safe),” she said.

Grace was dismissed as a ranting loony whistle when she travelled the country, addressing rallies where she attacked Mujuru – then party and State vice president – accusing her of incompetence, corruption and plotting a coup against Mugabe.

A few months later, Mujuru found herself kicked out of the party and government.

On Thursday Grace warned that she was ready to blow her whistle again.

“I tell you, I we will blow the whistle on you. We have the energy and we are watching you. People think I am playing but I am not,” she said.

Although President Mugabe claimed that the ouster of Mujuru and her allies would end divisions in Zanu PF, new fissures have emerged with the divisions centred, as ever, on his succession.



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