Find Dzamara Now! US Orders Zimbabwe To Find Missing Activist


THE US has said the lack of progress on Harare’s part in the search for Itai Dzamara is a clear indication of disrespect for human rights by President Robert Mugabe’s government.

Dzamara, a journalist-cum activist, was organising peaceful protests against Mugabe’s “failure” to deliver on his 2013 election promises of creating jobs.

He was severely assaulted by cops before he was kidnapped by suspected state agents on 9 March from Glenview.

Western countries have since raised concern over the abduction, accusing government of not being serious with the search for the missing activist.

The Dzamara issue, at one point, caused a near-diplomatic crisis after one of the foreign diplomats challenged government to “update us” on progress made in the search for the missing human rights activist.

“The United States places the protection of human rights at the center of our foreign policy,” said the US Harare Embassy in a statement on Wednesday.

The embassy demanded that Dzamara should be brought back “immediately and safely” to his family and friends.

Washington said Dzamara’s demands were genuine and should be supported by all democrats.

“The United States stands together with Dzamara and the people of Zimbabwe in supporting their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

“We join the European Union in their calls to the Zimbabwean authorities to mobilise their resources to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dzamara’s abduction; to accord him the full protection of his fundamental human rights and freedoms, and to ensure that those responsible for his abduction are brought to justice,” said the US.

Last week, the European Union also issued a statement reminding Harare to intensify their search for Dzamara.


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