Ex CIO Minister Says Zanu PF Is Gone, And Finished!


MUTARE: FORMER Zanu PF national secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa says the party is “gone”, having been hijacked by greedy individuals who are after self-enrichment at the expense of the poor majority.

Commenting on recent exchanges between climate minister Opah Muchinguri and the minister of Manicaland provincial affairs Mandi Chimene, Mutasaer said the ruling party has reached its “decaying stage” and will not resurrect.

“Since our departure, I did not expect anything better. Everyone in that party is thinking of themselves and not the people they lead.

“Is there anyone with outstanding leadership qualities in Manicaland following our departure?” Mutasa asked rhetorically in an interview with told NewZimbabwe.com.

He said in the entire Zanu PF Central Committee there was nobody with good leadership qualities to drive the party forward.

“So why would one expect to see anything different from what is going on now? The party is finished.

“There is no Zanu PF to talk of in Manicaland. Any party is the people who lead it. I don’t see anyone good for that role in my province,” said Mutasa.

The former intelligence minister is one of the many Zanu PF stalwarts who were expelled from the party following allegations that they were part of a clique plotting President Mugabe’s violent ouster.

Mugabe has described the outspoken Mutasa as a “braying donkey”, accusing him of being ungrateful after all what he (Mugabe) had done for his former minister.

Zanu PF infighting in the Manicaland province has reached a tipping point.

Recently, Muchinguri and her allies, including youth provincial chairperson Kelvin Manyengavana and others, allegedly converged at her residence in Murambi and plotted to oust Chimene and acting provincial chairperson Samuel Undenge.

The plot was later exposed through an audio leak which went viral in the social media.

Chimene last week hit back by threatening to expose Muchinguri’s secrets if she continued to interfere with her personal life.

“I know a lot of things about Muchinguri. Let her continue with her way ward behavior of undermining me; I will expose her. I will need plenty of discs to record her secrets.

After all she is not from Manicaland but Zimuto in Masvingo. Her father was just a teacher in this province,” said Chimene.

Undenge described Muchinguri as a “sell-out”.


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