Broke MDC Abandons Poll Boycott, Goes Back To West To Ask For Money


THE MDC-T says it has abandoned its no reforms no elections strategy with secretary general Douglas Mwonzora revealing that he will this week lead a party delegation to Europe where they are expected to brief western governments and party supporters on the country’s state of affairs ahead of the 2018 elections.

Mwonzora told at the weekend that his delegation will, among other countries, visit England, Norway and Australia.

“The four day visit has been made possible by the hosts’ countries which have invited us. We are also going to take that chance to meet with our party structures in these countries and intensify our 2018 political campaigns which have already started in earnest,” said Mwonzora.

He said the delegation leaves Harare on the 31st of July and completes the tour on the 4th of August.

Asked about the party’s “No Reforms No Election participation” Mwonzora said they have changed their political strategy.

“The game will never be the same in 2018 as we have changed our approach to the election. I cannot tell you our new strategy at this moment because it is still premature to reveal it but I want to assure you that the game has changed for the better,” said Mwonzora.

He added: “The MDC is going to deliver the people from Zanu PF horror. Zimbabweans do not deserve unemployment, they do not deserve living in perpetual poverty neither do they deserve hunger and hopeless lives they are living in the hands of a failed regime.”

Recently, a US congressman urged the boycotting parties to take part in the elections, saying as Washington they did not see how the parties expected to be taken seriously as opposition if they did not contest.

The MDCs have so far stayed away from all by-elections that have been held throughout the country.


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