End of Chicken Inn, Chicken Slice? New, Cheaper, Better, Fast Food Brand To Launch In Zimbabwe


The fast-food industry continues to grow in Zimbabwe and spreading to smaller towns. The industry faces stiff competition with another upcoming giant to open in Bindura town on the 31st of July this year before spreading to the nearby highway and other parts of the country.

The Group Chief Executive Officer said the complex which comprises of a chicken, pizza, ice-cream and grocery shop will open to add value to local farm product in support of the land reform program. Bindura citizens had struggled long to get a descent fast food meal with some getting as far as Harare during workshops, sports, parties etc.”  That would be a thing of the past’ he added.

The directorship was very disturbed by the lack of employment in the area and said this was just the beginning in order to put primary logistics in order then spread internationally as the main goal. “By God’s grace we will achieve the goal”.

The manager Mr. Paul Muchenje said they were in business to cater for the community and create employment.” We are not a franchise or attached to anyone as some sections would claim. Customers should expect bad or negative publicity as this has been the trend when a new kid comes on the block. This is mainly influenced by chickening similar businesses who enjoyed monopoly. We will not compete but will make customers satisfied full stop he said. The manager said the project would recruit not less than sixty people and stressed that this should benefit the local Bindura people with just a few experienced from outside to train new staff. The pizza oven, chicken pressure machine and other equipment was of high standards and technology. It required very experienced personnel to handle and teach new staff. The outlet will do deliveries. A box of two big pieces ofchicken and lots of chips will cost $3.00 and one piece and chips $2.00. There was no need to be expensive because this was strictly local Zimbabwean chicken and potatoes from natural feeds.

Chicken Matty is set to offer high quality food at lower prices than Chicken Inn an Chicken Slice

We will definitely exceed the customers’ expectations which many lack. Good quality and tasty Zimbabwean food, friendly service, high standards and affordable price is all customers will get from Chicken Matty. We kindly request local companies, government ministries and authorities, Schools, the universities, local citizens and travelers to give us full support as this would raise the Bindura flagship high. He added.

Chicken Matty Will be the cheapest Fast Food Outlet in Zimbabwe
Pizza Matty Will be the cheapest Fast Food Outlet in Zimbabwe










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