8 Facebook Accounts You Wont Regret Following

Facebook can be the most boring social network when you keep seeing boring posts. It is much like the class-room in high School. You need the class clowns, the serious guys, the informers and the pretty girls to light up the room.

Here are 8 people I personally follow, to keep my Facebook experience on point. In case the Facebook names ever change, click the URL’s they won’t change.

  1. CST-Thomas Cstizzle Chizhanje
    CST – Thomas Cstzzle Chizhanje
    CST is the most popular Facebook personality I know. He is a mixture of everything and he demands a high following. He has exceeded his friend limit but you can join thousands of others who have followed him, occasionally he unfriends idle accounts and allows followers in. He is an informer, a joker and political commentator in one. CST has no chill, he will screenshot your embarrassing status or picture for all to laugh, but it’s all in good light. Nothing personal. Did I mention, he raps too and people have thought he was a state security agent? – You might want to follow CST.

    He has just recently been named the country’s Tourism Brand Ambassador. CST is without doubt the biggest personality on Facebook since Baba Jukwa, Mai Jukwa, and MuGrade Seven, who were all taken offline.

  2. Floridah Rumbidzai WekwaMapeto

Floridah MapetoThis young lady will mostly post one of her beautiful pics with a mind provoking status update on relationships, gender or just pure humour. A media student; I swear it’s in her blood.  She certainly gets a lot of comments for her posts and trust me it’s mainly because they are well thought and profound. People tend to think females get comments for being beautiful only, for this one it’s both. Many of the posts are her own, at times it’s a funny meme from somewhere across cyberspace. Whichever it is, you will not regret following her updates.

3. Larry Kwirirayi

Larry KwirirayiThis dreadlocked guy is a multifaceted artiste and media guy. He works with radio (ZiFM/ has done Power FM), has several blogs including 3-mob.com . Larry provokes discussion through his hashtag #Kwiritalksand discusses different issues from politics, gender, entertainment and other things. He drops a podcast known as Kwiricast every Thursday. If you want to be first with the news or hear alternative opinions on news you already know. Larry Kwirirayi is the account to follow.

  1. Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele

11781655_10206481304165122_8227357038547756405_nNomathemba Primrose Ndebele is funny, hilarious, direct, vulgar, and brutally honest. A single mother and opinionista, she never shies away from controversy. She is always among the first to get the leaked sex tapes, the nudes, and the hot stories, and she always airs her opinion. She has maxed out her friends list, but you can still follow her, though you cannot comment on her posts, like you would on CST’s wall.

Remember, you have to be 18 or older to follow Noma. She uses extreme language that might not be suitable for people of a nervous disposition.

But she is still tonnes of FUN!


  1. Tendekai Tati 

Tendekai TatiThis is probably the most creative writer I have seen on Facebook. This guy doesn’t get too many comments like the people mentioned before but it doesn’t take away the sting of his pen. In fact lower like count is attributed to the fact that his wit will go over ordinary minds. Tati is a poet, script writer and he does well as a comedian. He posts profound thoughts that you will feel like copying, pasting and saving in a document for future reading.



  1. Mitchell Munyaradzi Gumbo

Mitchell Gumbo Show

I follow this guys posts in part, but if you are into relationship advice and that Aunti Thandi type of vibe I believe this account is the account to follow. He is an advocate against gender imbalance, domestic violence and unfair relationships. He mostly gives sound advice or hands the discussion to his followers. His followers when having relationship problems inbox him what they call Strawberry Letters, which he publishes with names with-held, for the people to suggest solutions.

  1. Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

Kuda ManyowaPolitical & Social Analyst, Web Entrepreneur, Elance endorsed Social Media Marketing Expert, and Google Endorsed Publisher Partner, Kuda is many things. You may follow this account to be first with News, political commentary and if you need to witness outstandingly good debate skills in play. He writes for News 24 Voices (The one that is on DSTV), he also writes his political analysis for  NewZimbabwe.com, Nehanda Radio, The NewsDay, The Standard, Zim Mail and other credible news sources. He is the co-host of an upcoming political TV show, Africa Digest. You may want to follow this account to be abreast with what’s happening in your country. He is the only political analyst with a website – www.maynardmanyowa.com and a mobile app for android  which you can download here

8. Maynard Chizavare

11934949_10204753875995941_1816297540745897874_nWell, he is another Maynard too! or Maynard (2) if you want to nit pick! But a different one.
Maynard Chizavare is the founder of Miss Zimbabwe (Diaspora), and has been its president since its inception. He is now the national director for Miss Heritage International Malawi, and Angola. He cracks lots of jokes, and posts beautiful women. You wont fall short of beauty on his profile!

He comes with a reputation, so ladies, this is not a pena. The guy has loads of women!

He has a good sense of humour, and has very sound business acumen.


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