Prophet Magaya Orders Second Wife To Leave!


Prophet Magaya has ordered a second wife to leave her polygamist husband.

During a question and answer session,the woman had asked the man of God : “I am a second wife and all of a sudden I have no peace in my marriage. My question is should I pray for my marriage to last or I simply need to walk out of it?

He replied : “My teaching on marriage is one man one wife. You need to move out and start a new life.”

Meanwhile, another follower said he found out that the son he thought was his was actually his brother’s. He said : “I have been married for the past 8 years and I have a four year old child whom I thought was mine all along until recently when I had tests done by the doctors which proved I am not fertile. This led my wife into confessing that the child in question is actually my brothers not mine. What should I do?

He was told :”Most men are not living with their children. Fatherhood is not determined by impregnating a woman but by actually taking care of the child or children. The word father means source so since you are the one who has been taking care of the child you are the father. My advice is if ever you suspect that your child is not yours do not bother seeking it out as you will be sentencing yourself to life in prison.

Source:PHD Ministries


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