I Am Not A Satanist, I am Just RICH! : Prophet Magaya


“It is power and riches that can make someone to label you a Satanist or other names as a man of God do not be discouraged or lose focus”

This was said by Prophet Walter Magaya of PHD ministries before his Ministry’s prayer partners during the question and answer session responding to a video circulating on social networks labeling him a Satanist.

“In God’s Ministry, there are thorns and such thorns grow with you as the ministry expands and that does not discourage me to press towards the mark until I finish what God as assigned me to do,” said Prophet Magaya

“A security guard working in a poor country is paid differently to the one working in a developed nation and I want to continue with my God who gave me the dominion over all things who enriches me, who blessed me and gave me power to the extent that my detractors end up labeling me as a Satanist.

“Only someone with power and wealth is labelled such; it is after the devil moves around and felt challenged that he tries to find ways to attack real Men of God.

“I am not moved by that and I do not lose focus. We have renounced things done by some pastors who teach people to speak in tongues and pretend only to be holy when praying vachiridza tutsamwa with their eyes closes saying they are feeling the presence of God.

“We don’t feel his presence since we are moving with God and Christ in us, so everything we are doing is protruding from God’s love to all nations.

“I am not a poor man, I am rich and God has allowed my projects to pay good so when they say I am rich they are telling the truth and when they say I am a Satanist, it’s like the Jews naming Jesus son of a carpenter when other people from the neighbouring countries see a king who shall change their spiritual lives.

“My neighbours know me as son of the Magaya clan and I was with them as I grew up in weakness and in fear and in much trembling but now God has anointed me and my speech and my preaching is not ending with enticing words of man’s wisdom or from a Bible College but in demonstration of the spirit of God and his power.

Meanwhile, the Prophet’s wife, spent the day on Friday distributing groceries to 500 elderly people and that touched the hearts of many who praised Magaya as a true Man of God.

Among the elderly people who benefited from the groceries were 77-year-old Antoinette Moradi Podille Mabetse of Gaborone and 69-year-old Pasiye Mukabati of Francistown.



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