Prophet Magaya Blasts Fake Churches


Popular preacher and founder of PHD Ministries, Walter Magaya says his healing sermons and casting out of demons are not stage-managed but a manifestation of the power of God.

“At PHD Ministries, “dead” people are being resurrected, children are healed, so how can I stage manage an act on children and toddlers?

“People manifest when they are delivered, there is no time to stage-manage miracles. If miracles were stage-managed, then by now I would be a billionaire,” Magaya said

Magaya whose recent crusade in Botswana raised over $600 000 said God is at work in his ministry. ” What is happening in PHD Ministries has never happened before and I am happy that real miracles are happening and people are being delivered on a daily basis.”

Magaya said people come to his church with various situations in life. “Some came with wounds and how can I stage manage healing a wound?,” he asked.

Magaya was NOT speaking on behalf of other churches. “By the way, churches are formed for various reasons, we have what we call dead and live churches in the world.

“Dead churches constitute a large percentage, I can safely say over 98 percent of churches are dead and they only exist to push self interests or as businesses.”

Meanwhile one Tinotenda from Glenview said at one point she faked falling after realising that most of the worshipers had fallen. “An apostle came and started praying, I was surprised to note that by the time he was praying, people were falling.

“After some minutes, I realised that I was the only one standing hence I faked it and collapsed,” she said.

However Tinotenda was not at liberty to disclose the name of the Apostle or the church in question.

Some critics say the Man of God tend to SHOVE people during prayers, forcing them to fall down.

Another lady identified as Pretty believes in Magaya’s miracles. “When I was at church, I did not understand what was happening but I only remember the time when I was waking up from the ground.

“I don’t subscribe to the notion that falling in church is stage-managed because I personally experienced it,” she said.

Veteran TV personality, Rebecca Chisamba believes God is meek and mild hence there is no need for people to collapse in the presence of the Holy Spirit. “I have one problem with Christianity, we have different versions and types of churches yet there is one God and Jesus.

“Christianity is not for competition hence each church should be trusted equally but what is happening nowadays is different. I don’t subscribe to the issue of falling or collapsing in church before the Man of God. God is meek and mild hence He operates peacefully. So why would people fall as if God is violent or a boxer?” she questioned.

Mai Chisamba urged people to attend churches with clear origins. “Jesus is our yardstick and I can’t remember in the Bible where people collapsed whenever he prayed. It is wise to trace the origins of churches,” she said.



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