MDC-T Attacks Mugabe Over Constant Flying


THE opposition MDC-T has urged suffering Zimbabweans to rise up and start demanding responsible leadership from President Robert Mugabe who, this week, flew out for yet another costly sojourn to New York.

In a statement, party spokesperson Obert Gutu took issue with the 91 year old leader for his penchant for foreign travel at the expense of a country battling the effects of his ruinous policies.

“The MDC is deeply appalled by the decision of Robert Mugabe to embark on another costly and completely unnecessary jamboree to New York in the United States to attend some low key conference on Ebola,” Gutu said Thursday.

“While the country’s economy is virtually grinding to a halt, Mugabe has seen it fit to take along his wife and a whole litany of other Zanu PF hangers-on to attend a conference that is hardly topical to the key interests of Zimbabwe as a nation.

“Zimbabwe is now being run aboard an Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767 jet!”

Gutu said Mugabe was better off minding government business at his Munhumutapa Building offices rather than “globetrotting and leading life on the fast lane at the expense of a virtually bankrupt national treasury”.

The MDC information chief further chastised the nonagenarian leader for presiding over a regime that unleashed cops on thousands of street vendors condemned to the demeaning practice through joblessness.

The former Justice deputy minister accused Mugabe of false promises of delivering 2,2 million new jobs to jobless locals and yet the outcome has been massive street vending.

He then called on Zimbabweans to confront their rulers for responsible leadership.

“Time has now come for the toiling masses of Zimbabwe to draw a line in the sand. Enough is enough!” said Gutu.

“The renegade Zanu PF regime cannot and, indeed, should not be allowed to reduce the majority of Zimbabweans to paupers and scavengers in the land of their ancestors.

“Robert Mugabe should be brought to order. He should be told, in no uncertain terms, that he has hopelessly failed to run the country and that the only honourable thing that he can do is to proceed to resign immediately.

“After stealing the harmonised elections on July 31, 2013, Robert Mugabe has proceeded to conduct himself like a bull in a china shop; smashing and destroying everything in its way.”

Gutu added: “The MDC would like to implore all the patriotic and peace-loving people of Zimbabwe to do whatever is within their democratic and lawful power to tell the Zanu PF regime to immediately stop harassing the thousands of vendors who have been created as a direct result of the regime’s ruinous, corrupt and irresponsible financial and economic policies.”

Gutu demanded the country’s return to accountable leadership, reiterating his calls for mass action.

“Zimbabweans should not just look aside and watch as their country is being run down by a tyrannical and corrupt regime that doesn’t care one iota about the suffering of the people. This is the time for action,” he said.


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