Bona Mugabe Marriage On The Rocks


All is not well in President Robert Mugabe’s favourite child, Bona Chikore’s marriage, as the couple are allegedly at each others throat’s, precipitating fears they might not last the mile of their union, relatives close to the two have revealed, a UK-based publication, The Telescope, has reported.

Bona, got married to Simba Chikore, a one time headboy at an elite private school in the capital in 2014. Only last year the wedding was dubbed, “wedding of the year” with millions of dollars having been splurged for the colourful ceremony, which was attended by South African President, Jacob Zuma, and other African leaders.

Last month Bona shocked relatives and friends attending the wedding of a Harare couple they are close to, when she revealed that her marriage to Chikore is ‘not all rosy’ without elaborating more details.
Chikore added controversy by admitting that, the first two years of their marriage have been the “most difficult”.

“My wife and l once spent about half a day without speaking to each other because we were fed up with each other,” Chikore unwittingly stunned guests.

Full details continue tomorrow, but information at hand suggests that the couple’s woes are to do with Chikore’s desire to have a baby, and frustration of trying without success could be making the disputed pilot to run out of patience.

Last year, the same publication, The Telescope, reported that Bona Nyepudzai Mugabe who is the apple of President Robert Mugabe’s eye, is battling to fall pregnant, causing despondency inside family circles and excruciating concern to Mugabe and his wife Grace, who are reportedly itching for a grandchild.

Source:The Telescope