Exclusive Interview With David Coltart (Live Updates)


Political Analyst, Africa Digest TV co-Host, Maynard Manyowa, interviews Zimbabwe’s former Minister of Education, Sports and Culture in an exclusive, and explosive Question and Answer online today, at 1800 CAT.

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1800: Q and A Starts

Maynard Manyowa – Good Evening . Glad to have you. Thanks for the chance for an exclusive Q&A.

Maynard Manyowa Asks –  -(1) Gukurahundi is a dark period in our history. Who was responsible, and have we done enough to move past this?

David Coltart – Responds:

  Hard 2 answer in 140 characters bt must be seen 1st in context Zim lib war, cold war, SA destabilisation& genuine dissidents

There was a genuine security problem but ZANU PF not only over reacted but also used excuse to crush ZAPU

We have not done enough 2 go past it.People in Breaking Silence sd wanted 1acknowledgment, 2 apology, 3 communal reparations

Maynard Manyowa asks  – You defended a few charged during Gukurahundi. Did you ever think they were targeted because of their ethnicity? #AskDavid

Maynard Manyowa asks – (2) – said we must forgive each other for Gukurahundi. Do you think his comments are sincere?  

David Coltart Responds –

It was Moyo himself who brought a motion re Gukurahundi to Parliament when he was in the political wilderness in 2007

Moyo will himself have 2 answer what has changed other than his accession 2 Cabinet re Gukurahundi to justify his own change

Maynard Manyowa asks

–  , Can a Matebele man ever rule this country, given its tribal history & failure to move past the unfortunate events?

David Coltart Answers –

 –  Perhaps not now but with future, more enlightened, generations, yes – women too of course!

Maynard Manyowa Asks –  

–  – Your campaign manager Patrick Nyabanyama abducted in 2000 is still missing &presumed dead. Any recent efforts to locate him?

David Coltart Answers –

–  Sadly even his own family presumed him dead a few months after his disappearance, so there have been no efforts 2 locate him

Maynard Manyowa asks – 

–  How do you view your predecessor’s policies & actions? Is he effectively ruining your good work? Is he a capable Minister?

, under your predecessor there is talk of condoms & cellphones in primary schools. Do you support that? & is he a capable min?

David Coltart Responds – 

I do not agree with condoms in schools. Cellphones yes but under stringent rules.