Uerbet Angel’s Son, Prophet Passion Java Divorces Wife


Leader of the Kingdom Embassy church, Prophet Passion Java is divorcing his wife, Yasmin whom he has been in holy matrimony with for the past four years.

The couple had been blessed with a four-year old son, Uebert Java(after spiritual father, prophet Uebert Angel). Sources close to the on-goings said the couple had tried their best to resolve their differences but to no avail. “They are divorcing. Things have not been well in their marriage for a while. As we speak, their lawyers are handling the matter and it will be heard at the High Court soon.

“Their differences are irreconcilable but one good thing about their divorce is that they are both consenting to it and they are on talking terms,” said the source.

The 27-year-old Man of God confirmed the development but said he had preferred the matter to be private. ” Yes there is a divorce going through but we wanted to inform the church properly first , not through the press.

“The plan had been to hold a question and answer session in church where my wife and I would respond to questions on why we came to this decision. Publishing it would ruin the plans.

The prophet who owns a plush house in Borrowdale Brooke, and drives flashy cars, added, ” Unfortunately I can’t disclose the reasons for the divorce but we are still staying in the same house and there is no enmity between us,” he said

Word is that the family of the prophet’s wife did not approve of the marriage because they are of Muslim backgrounds.