Zim DanceHall Is Stupid – Alick Macheso


Sungura music maestro Alick Macheso says that despite its current popularity, Zim dancehall will not replace sungura as the genre of choice in the country in the long term.

Observers in the last few years have said dancehall poses a serious threat to sungura as it dominates the charts.

The sungura maestro, who performed at the reopening of Jabula Inn on Sunday night, believes that the Zim dancehall is no threat to sungura because its artistes run out of relevant topics to talk about in their music.

The veteran artiste also added that he did not approve of the tradition of “beefs” in the genre that saw artistes going against each other.

“They run out of things to talk about in their music. These days they have the tendency of settling rivalries through their songs which is not really good,” he said.

“Extra Basso” as they call him, said that although the dancehall genre had grown in popularity over the last few years, it did not possess the musical sophistication to replace sungura.

He said that dancehall artistes had more leeway when it came to live shows because of technological advancements.

“If you look at my performance tonight I had a full band which is not really required in dancehall. A dancehall artiste can have his band in his pocket because all he needs is a flash stick. As a sungura artiste you can’t do that because the crowd will beat you up,” he said.

Macheso said that he was also on the lookout for new artistes that would move the genre forward.

“Sungura should not stagnate but instead it should always move forward. I am working with a lot of young artistes at the moment because there are the ones that will move the genre forward. If you are in football and you want to learn you turn to Moses Chunga but if you are in music as a young artiste you can come to me,” he said.

Macheso said that he was working on his latest album with the hope it would restore him to his former glory. Many viewed Extra Basso’s last effort as a misstep as he strayed too much from his original sound.

“I am currently working on it and my hope is that by the end of July I would have finished it,” he said.