Mnangagwa Provokes Gukurahundi Part 2 – Activists


THE MTHWAKAZI Republic Party (MRP) has warned that vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent threats against those advocating secession could trigger another phase of Gukurahundi killings, adding that it was time a separatist state was formed.

Mnangagwa told a constitutional advocacy meeting in Masvingo Friday that those calling for secession from Zimbabwe were day dreaming and possessed by spirits.

“Let us enjoy and cherish our heritage as Zimbabweans because we got this country from God without even asking for it,” Mnangagwa was quoted as saying.

“We are one unitary country from Zambezi to Limpopo and Chipinge to Plumtree although we have more tribes and up to 16 official languages.

“Anyone who dreams of partitioning this country along tribal lines or whatever means is possessed by Legion. Zimbabwe is one country.”

But MRP, which was formed in January 2014, said the criticism was unwarranted and might be a warning of something sinister the ruling party was planning.

“We get worried as party leadership; we get very worried when people like Mnangagwa begin to publicly warn us,” said Mbonisi Gumbo, the party’s secretary for information and publicity.

“On the other hand we are happy that the VP of Zimbabwe has actually acknowledged us and our efforts to restore our Mthwakazi State.

“What we are worried about though, is that a warning is coming from one who was the chief architect of the Gukurahundi genocide and is said to be the next President of Zimbabwe.

“We are concerned as a party that another version of Gukurahundi maybe on its way to silence us once and for all, otherwise where is this unprovoked threat coming from?”

Gumbo added: “This is the same Mnangagwa and his party Zanu PF who created the 1979 Grand plan which was meant to destroy Mthwakazian people who, when addressing people in Masvingo on Friday, said it was normal to sometimes clash and have differences.

“Is it normal to kill over 30,000 people because they belong to a different tribe? Is it normal to kill people and then go to the press and announce that no one should talk about it?

“Is it now water under the bridge? Is it normal to deny the people the right to mourn their loved ones whom you have killed?”

Gumbo said the Matebelaland region was integrated into the rest of the country without the consent of the inhabitants.

He added that the political mistreatment the people from the region have endured at the hands of government is worse than that of the colonial times.

“The white people built schools for us way back and were willing to give our fore fathers education even though it was limited, on the other hand our fellow black brothers have denied us that privilege or let me say Human Right to education, employment, decent accommodation, and many other Human Rights even water.

Since 1980 there has not been any development to talk about in Mthwakazi (sic),” said Gumbo.

Since formation, MRP has been calling for the establishment of an independent state with powers and the right to run its own affairs and manage its own resources.

Another party which has been pushing for the secession of the Matebeleland region from the rest of the country is Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF).

Three of the latter’s leaders were slapped with treason charges by the government resulting in Paul Siwela skipping the country whilst out on bail. Siwela is understood to be in Sweden.

Other secessionist parties include Patriotic Union of Matabeleland and Matabeleland Liberation Organisation.

These parties’ cause has been undermined by continued internal squabbles and splits which many say are engineered by state agents based in both South Africa and the UK.