Vapostori Tear Into Mugabe Over Claims They Are Not Educated


We read with disdain President Robert Mugabe’s comments about Vapositori and their not being educated. The report came out in Zimbabwe’s Daily News online paper and we respond that once again Mugabe is wrong and exhibits very clear signs of cruelly moulded old age eating at the remainder of his dignity.

Mugabe was still herding cattle in Zvimba communal lands when baba Jowani our prophet told us not to attend the Whiteman schools.

Jowani went on to establish his own schools where he advocated a correct type of education for Vapositori. One which was rich in value addition and one that skilled vapositori in various trades for self-employment.

Mugabe went to Whiteman schools and their western style of education then came back to govern. He adopted everything white and western in the system of education and even made it worse than Smith’s system of education.

He then coerced and coerces everyone to attend and like his idea of education. And we therefore disagree. Even the Nziramasanga commission differed with Mugabe as much as we do today.

As Vapositori we acknowledge that the frontiers of knowledge are moving but also believe faith has a part to play in the wholistic understanding of the human which is God’s treasure which we cannot afford to ignore.

We cannot ignore what is happening around us especially in our Africa setting where religion permeates the whole of life. But we always go back to our belief systems and in cross-referencing we get renewed hope and trust that we are indeed correct in our apostolic faith.

We accept that the infinite God is the originator of this infinite body of knowledge which is acquired by a correct systematic process, but your system Mugabe, is the one we detest.

We are educated enough to know that Mugabe is wrong and that he was wrongly brought up. Fortunately you are a Christian which we are not. We will not water down our religion into a know nothing soup for there are great merits in the glorious highlights of diversity in religions.

It will be a mistake for us of a religion different from yours to try to agree with you and leave sacrifice our beliefs. The result would not be the best but a watered down sameness and docility which is not the character of our infinite God. God is greater than our little religions and their little spheres of knowledge.

We know you hate our religion because we know the real you and not the photo image you carry around. We know that your rule and everything with it is coming to its dead end and that it will be no more, and very soon now.

Vapositori want education and our children to be educated, but to be educated correctly. Mugabe’s system of education is devoid of truth, humility and love which is the character of our religion. Your education over the years has taught hate , violence and dependence which grossly differs with the values of our religion.

Whereas your education produces a graduate for the white man industry we want education for our own self jobs.

In the end you expensively produce Accountants, Economists and Engineers who sell sweets and practice touting/Chiwhindi at bus terminuses and busy illegally gold panning and escaping you to neighbouring countries, but we want an empowered type of children for a future successful Zimbabwe.

We want education that is relevant to us and our children. A type of education that skills our children and make them ready for their own future.

Not your education that deskills and deculturalises Zimbabwe. We do not want an education that abuses our culture, religion, belief systems and one that denounces our African values and identity.

We want an education that produces productive citizens who can till the land, exploit our resources, discover, recover and produce value. Your education produces green bomber type of products who can’t know that there is life without Mugabe.

We want an honest education that produces correct and honest citizens. An education that is full of the correct facts and the truth about us. Not an education that spoils, deceives and misleads our future generation.

Not an education that teaches that Mugabe is the hero and everyone else can only be relevant and be counted if they glorify only Mugabe.

We are vapositori. We have a sacred set of values and beliefs. We want an education that listens to us, understands and accommodate our values. We hate a Mugabe education that denounces who we are and promotes the religion of murder tyranny and dishonest that is Mugabe.

We want an education system that produces true citizens who know and embrace their origins. Not one that glorifies everything foreign at the expense of our legacy of our Dzimbahwe and the great grand prophets of our religion at Matonjeni.

The holy mountains Matonjeni where ‘‘Mwari of the Shona people’’ would talk to us directly and even give us directions in tribal and colonial wars! Matonjeni where you Mugabe, now educate our children that it belongs to Rhodes’ grave.

Your type of education which you force on us teaches prostitution. Because, what with your high ranking officials advocating that 12 year olds must be ‘liberated’ to engage in sex. What with teaching our underage children to condomise. What with teaching abortion and the ‘merits’ thereof? We are not Satanists, Mugabe, we believe in the one God of Life and Love.

Your education christianises the whole of Zimbabwe and that’s very wrong. You teach that we are a Christian nation and that’s wrong too. We hate your type of education that ignores our laws because you admire the Roman Dutch Law. You produce graduates who grasp and appreciate the Death Penalty in our land. Advocating murder!

You lost the 2008 elections but you teach that you won and your history books will uphold that. You engage in a genocide against defenseless people, children, women, the pregnant and the disabled and you teach and want our children to believe that it was because of an ‘’arms catche’’?

You joined the people of Svosve as an afterthought in reclaiming their land which you sold out in 1979. You justify it with a war and racist slurs and wanton cruelty on minorities. Your education hides the facts and you teach and want our children to believe that that was a 3rd Chimurenga and the need thereof?

Mugabe, that land grab was war against You, cheating president. You cheated everyone in 1980 by insinuating that we won the land in our Chimurenga war. The masses of grassroots people were watching and knew you were wrong and cheating them.

They know you sold out and that you were not honest and you are not honest. They defied you Mugabe and resorted to take their land by ‘ginya’ beyond your comprehension. And you cheated again and declared that a war against unsusoecting defenseless landowners and said it is a 3rd chimurenga war of liberation? In a liberated country? Cheat!

You tought that we needed to ‘finish the war’. Which war? On defenseless land owners? You call that war, on your own people with no means to defend themselves and not even aware that they are an enemy. You call that a war? You negotiated the war of liberation and you teach that you won the war? You won 1980 elections and not the war. You sold out on that one.

You teach our kids that Murambatsvina was a justified war on urban ‘mess’. You hide that you were targeting the MDC people who were innocently practicing their democratic right of rejecting you in their urban strongholds. You hide that you were targeting the vapositori in their abode of the informal sector. LIES!

Do you remember that in our culture a true king in our Zimbabwe would be one installed on merit and especially because he and the whole of his lineage was faultless, especially with no blooded hands.

You changed all that and there is a lot of crying blood everywhere in our midst, in your cupboards, on your hands. Blood of your people, of your relatives even. Of your former friends. And you rule over Dzimbahwe by deceit and force. It’s a curse.

There is a lot false about you Mugabe and your education which we hate to be associated with. We know better that the value and importance of education is value addition and empowerment. But you disempower and deskill and deculture! Everything about your type of education stinks of deception and falsehood. This is not right for our children and we attend your education by coercion.

We are aware of the devil and devil influence in this world. We are aware of devil agents and their means and ways. We know the type of people who serve that devil, their tools and systems. You are a chief suspect to us of the Vapositori dispensation. Our children are too precious for your kind of ‘education’.

Because of your education, our children think that president means Mugabe and vice versa. 35 years and everyone below and just above that age thinks Zimbabwe belongs to you. They now grew to think that one is not allowed to rule if they are not you. That one is cheap to kill if they are not Zanu PF. That there is life only with you and in Zanu PF. But it’s all wrong!

Above all you publicly self-confess racism and tell that to our children. That means to you everyone on the minority race side is not legal in the places of their abode.

You want our children to believe that. At one time you self-confessed that you ‘are Hitler twofold’. Our kids learnt that and are getting to be moulded the way powerful public figures like you are. Terrible!

As Mupostori I can not rest content with a faith which is as esoteric as it is out of touch with the total human intellectual endevour which is in education.

We as Vapositori are decisively concerned with truth and are bound to the truth and agreement with the total awareness of truth which we find very little of in your person and your education.

We know that everything is wrong that Mugabe touches. Your education stinks of colonial bondage, imperialism and neocolonialism. Yes, there is no excuse for education but the right and correct kind of education not this, Mugabe.

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