Malawi Voids & Reverses 330 Child Marriages, Enrolls Kids Back In School


Dedza, June 23, 2015: In an effort to encourage girl child education and abolish early marriages Senior Chief Inkosi Kachindamoto has terminated 330 teenage marriages in her territory and has since sent the couples into various primary and secondary schools.
Her initiatives coincide with Government agenda to end early marriages following the enactment of Marriage, Divorce Relations Bills which among others restrict girls marrying before reaching eighteen years.

“I have terminated 330 marriages yes of which 175, were girl -wives and 155 were boy-fathers. I wanted them to go back to school and that has worked,” said the chief.
Realising that three quarters were consented by both parents and village heads the Ngoni chief has since suspended, Village Heads Galuanenenji, Adiliyani, Kalindiza and Chatawa to serve as lesson to other village leaders who might want to follow suit.
“I don’t want youthful marriages, they must go to school, we have now set our own by laws to govern everybody within my area when it comes to marriages and will leave no sacred cow, ” she emphased.
Inkosi Kachindamoto who is also a woman herself said she was infuriated with a lot of youthful marriages in her area hence summoned all her subjects, other stake holders like the church and non-governmental organizations working within the area under her jurisdiction.
The Inkosi said some articles in our bylaws book dictates that, “No child should be found loitering at home; gardening or doing any house hold chores during school time. No village head, GVH or church clergy to officiate marriage before scrutinizing the birth dates of the couple.”