Jah Pryzah Faints – Ammara Brown Denies They Having Affair


So Ammara Brown’s camp got in touch with one of our boys last night protesting HEAVILY over a gossip article we borrowed from the Sunday Mail which alleged that the Star had hit hard times after being dumped by new rich boy in town, Jah Prayzah. The songbird and her camp categorically denied the allegations and said such malicious stories are damaging to their brands and families. Ammara said she was devastated while Jah Prazah ‘fainted‘ on opening the iHarare article

So we had an amicable talk with them for some hours. Initially there was a bit of a shindig as she admonished us for not crosschecking with her. One of her people also schooled us a bit on some basic tenets of journalism( much grateful for the lesson seeing as how it is the year of learning) but we had a lot of armour to counter that, our chief bazookas being that technically we are NOT journalists and that at any rate we were simply parroting what the State Media had published.

As is almost always the case with warring but sensible people, we found common ground eventually and she proudly declared that she is a self reliant, single mother who is fighting against the odds that is Zimbabwe’s harsh economic climate and the male dominated industry.


So we then, both agreed, happily,we must add, that we should publish the following statement to mitigate the uncorroborated rumours and set the record straight.

Below is the Statement from Ammara

Ammara is continuing to work hard on her up coming album and is excited that the journey is almost over and people will be able to share with what has taken her whole life to record.

To avoid adding flames to false rumours, Ammara Brown is a hard working artist and bread winner for her family. NO attempts where made to verify the rumours printed and is sad that woman continue to be publicly humiliated without them needing to do anything to provoke or deserve it.

Women being harassed and abused on our streets by touts is no different to a woman waking up to reading such lies, about her for the world to read and judge.

Ultimately, the damage is already done, but can still hope for some journalistic integrity and the universally intrinsic human desire for “fair play” and truth.

Ps: if you would like to see a video of Jah Prayzah and Ammara Brown, it’s already publicly available… It’s called Kure Kure (YouTube) .