MDC MP Shocked By Adultery Claims


FORMER energy minister Elton Mangoma’s assault trial started Thursday with the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe interim president denying having an extra marital affair with MDC Renewal youth leader’s wife, Yemurai Maravanyika.

MDC Renewal provincial youth leader, Believe Tevera, whose wife was allegedly snatched, is standing accused of assaulting Mangoma in Eastlea last month.

Tevera, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Speaking during cross examination led by defence counsel Tawanda Takaindisa, Mangoma told the court that the violence was part of a political fight.

“To say that I am having an affair with his wife is a shocking thing because he does not have any evidence against me. I do not have and did not have any affair with his wife.

“He is in a political wrangle in which he is seeking to tarnish my image.

“They have been trying to taint me because of the ideology, principles and values which we agreed on but they were against and were failing to uphold,” he said.

However, in his defence outline, Tevera alleges that Mangoma was the one who assaulted him at the Renewal headquarters when he brought a petition asking the leadership to probe him for destroying his marriage.

“The allegations show how diabolic Mangoma is. After destroying a happy marriage, he is now dragging accused to court instead of him apologising,” said the defence lawyer.

Tevera said he reported the assault to the police but they paralysed his case.

The state alleges that on May 26 at around 11:00hrs, Tevera went to Eastlea where Mangoma, together with Solomon Madzore, Shakespeare Maya, Lucia Mativenga and Last Maengahama, were having a meeting.

The youth leader accused Mangoma of having an affair with his wife Yemurai Maravanyika.

It is alleged that Tevera bulldozed his way into the boardroom where he went on to slap Mangoma on the face.

On impact, Mangoma lost balance and hit his face against the window and fell down.

The court heard that whilst Mangoma was on the floor, Tevera picked up a chair to strike him but was restrained by Maya.

It is also said that as a result of the assault, Mangoma sustained head injuries and bled profusely.

He was rushed to a hospital for medical attention.

Magistrate Tilda Mutambanashe postponed the case to July 3 for continuation of trial.