Mboweni Demands Apology From Professor Moyo


FORMER South African Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni has demanded an apology from Information minister Jonathan Moyo after the Tsholotsho North MP called him an “Uncle Tom” and a “charlatan” during a heated argument on social media.

By Everson Mushava

Mboweni threatened things “would get ugly” if Moyo failed to withdraw the statements.

“I want to close this twar (Twitter war) with Jonathan Moyo, but he must withdraw two statements. He called me “Uncle Tom” and a “charlatan”. Withdraw Jon,” Mboweni tweeted yesterday.

“If he does not withdraw his irresponsible statements, unbecoming of a minister of a State, this thing will get ugly. Me a charlatan? Xhaa!”

Moyo on Wednesday called Mboweni “Uncle Tom” and a “charlatan” after the former SA Reserve Bank governor said the minister irritated and annoyed him, among many other things writing “fairy tales”.

Mboweni accused Moyo of scuppering an R1 billion economic rescue package while millions of Zimbabweans suffered. But Moyo would have none of Mboweni’s threats. Moyo said he would not tolerate any provoked attack.

“Getting rid of the holier than thou mentality of Uncle Toms who insult others, but can’t stand the same insults back! Those who live in glass houses do not throw stone,” Moyo tweeted back.

The Information minister said he was eager to engage in open debate, “but if it’s insults we shall trade in kind without fear!”

Moyo dismissed the allegation that he ruined a rescue package to Zimbabwe, claiming he was not in government in 2009, the period Mboweni said they were working on a rescue plan for Zimbabwe that was allegedly frustrated by the likes of Moyo.

“This is sourced from a drug abuser who needs help. I wasn’t in govt or Zanu PF at the time,” he said.

While admitting that the war with Mboweni was uncalled for, Moyo wrote: “I agree that it was uncalled for, but I’m not sure about ignoring it!”